Getting a Permanent Residence in Sweden

If lucky to get the coveted Schengen Visa and a subsequent residence permit in Sweden, expect so many questions. Questions like, “Have you now gotten permanent residence or citizenship of Sweden?” or “ Can you also help me get a permanent residence in Sweden?”. Mark you, someone may be really enthusiastic or even ambitious to … Read more

What many expats find disgusting about living in Sweden today

What we always read about in newspapers and watch on telly is that living in Sweden is such an amazing experience, a paradise of sorts. No wonder expats forge documents and some don’t think twice about an opportunity to go there. Granted, Scandinavia of which Sweden is part ranks higher than any one region in … Read more

Transparency in Sweden

When we plan and set out to travel abroad, a lot of anxieties and expectations ordinarily come teeming in our minds. Possibly, we worry a lot about what that new destination would turn out to be, the kind of receptions foreigners get and the general shocks to contend with. The situation won’t be any different … Read more

Common Culture Shock in the Nordics for Expats

Most people would really look forward to an opportunity in the Nordics. The desire has a lot to do with the Nordics having a lead in making their citizens and residents happy. This explains why the region stands out as a dream destination for many. Students, workers, researchers and so many other categories of people … Read more

Property Loans for Expats in Sweden

If you have already been to Sweden then you have certainly become fond of almost everything. From cultural, historical experiences to work, social life, and attractions. Bigger cities such as Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö really has a lot of immigrant populations that make them a melting pot of cultures.  One thing that is certain about … Read more

Amazing Internet Deals for First Timers in Sweden

The world we live in today has become a global village with technology playing a big role in connecting us each day. It never matters where someone is at any time or what information they seek to find for everything is just a Google or internet search away. But to make this a reality when … Read more

Exciting places worth visiting in Sweden

Just as you are reading this, there are so many out there who long to visit or completely relocate to Sweden. The country has a good reputation for a well functioning government, great institutions for research, innovation and learning, exciting work opportunities and environments, a remarkable social security system and more. Be this as it … Read more

Visit the Erikson Cottage to have a Glimpse of the Glass Cabin

In most cases, you will hear avid travelers planning a visit to Sweden, which is good because the country is loaded with scenic beauty. Besides, in their schedule list, you will notice them write about a visit to Stockholm’s museums, Isaberg Mountain Resort, down to the Gotland Island, and they think the vacation spree is … Read more