The Swedish Family: All about Life, Fun, and Adventure

The Swedish Family has been causing a sensation on YouTube ever since they started sharing their love of taking the world along on their travels. Adventure is what defines the Swedish family whose initial home was Stockholm in Sweden. Currently, the family is living in Lisbon, Portugal. They have dedicated their vacation time to travel the world. One would be perturbed at how much they spend on their travels. We all know traveling is pretty costly because if that were not, we would all be hitting the road. I would for one!

The head of the Swedish family is Axel who is an engineer. He is married to Joanna, a TV producer, and together they have 2 children. Alma, the first born is aged 10 while Harry, the second born is aged 8. Alma is the thinker in the family but Harry is what they have been calling the rascal of the family. This has however changed because the Swedish Family is growing! Laura who is now 1 year 6 months is the new addition to the family.

The Swedish Family Vlog

The family is believed to have the best vlogs globally. The family is not only loved in Sweden and Portugal only. They are loved globally. It is always fun to follow the different adventures of the family.

Moreover, the Swedish family vlogs a lot on matters concerning their everyday lives and how much they are in love with traveling. They also like showcasing some of their occasional activities. We will look at some of the topics highlighted in their vlogs.


One thing that sets the Swedish family apart is their love for traveling. At one time they travelled for four consecutive months and they always have endless stories to tell concerning the trip. The countries they visited included Malaysia, New Zealand, Greece, Thailand, and Taiwan. You can just imagine the fun and adventure the Swedish family experienced in those four months.

In their vlog about traveling, the Swedish family usually receives lots of questions from their viewers. What makes their answers interesting is the fact that Harry, Alma, daddy Axel, and mummy Alma all tell their view. How interesting. They usually believe that they all have different opinions. The Swedish family has also gone skiing in Dalarna at the Kläppen Ski Resort.


In their latest vlog talking about Halloween, the Swedish Family worked together with the party king to make it a success. Joanna and Axel are home with their two children Harry and Alma. Laura is not around. She is at Creche. At home, they have these boxes filled to capacity with creepy stuff. Am getting scared already! The spooky decorations and scary costumes are enough to send me hiding.

Moreover, because adventure defines the Swedish family, they never have anything to fear. They open the boxes and get the scary costumes, put them on, and start a ghost dance. Who does that? My goodness, this family is really creepy. Alma starts with the spider decorations by placing them in the hall. Harry on the other hand gets a candy bowl ready for the children who love to play Trick or Treat. When Laura gets home, she tries on her skeleton costume that comes with a vampire pacifier. You don’t want to know how scary she looks, trust me.

Online Shop

Apart from vlogging, the Swedish family has an web shop. At the shop, they sell children items such as t-shirts, hoodies, apron, as well as crewneck. For the men and women, they sell hoodie, t-shirt, as well as crewneck. The other things sold in the online shop are gym bag, water bottle, as well as tote bag.


Author: Fredrick