5 Swedish delicacies, drinks for newcomers

Arriving in Sweden as a first timer commonly comes with lots of  confusion and anxiety about so many things including food culture and general Swedish delicacies. It gets even more complicated when you literally have to learn almost every aspect of the new system including a whole new language-Swedish language.

On your learning journey, chances  that the Swedish delicacies and drinks  come out as tasting differently remain high. If cooking for yourself in Sweden, you may need to use a couple of spices to bring out the best tastes in your food. Generally, Swedish foods and imported ones can be uniquely cooked and served. 

You’ll most likely be curious to read the menu at Swedish restaurants. Equally, going out shopping for foodstuffs on your first few days in Sweden may be full of adventure. For instance, you will not quite be sure of the food names or even how they taste. You will share your taste buds at each dining time just to pick out which of the foods tastes good and those with  lousy tastes. 

Cooking food at home in Sweden

One thing that’s so common with Scandinavian countries, Sweden included, is the small family size that makes cooking at home more expensive than eating out. So when you move to Sweden alone or with your family, choosing either to cook at home or eat at Swedish food outlets or hotels matters. Actually, those who choose not to cook can just order ready to eat or cooked food through the food delivery apps in Sweden. 

For someone arriving in Sweden just on a short stay visit, cooking at home may not be the easiest thing. Mostly, visitors end up putting up in Swedish hotels or renting AirBnB within their preferred areas in Sweden. But if you end up renting a house in Sweden and living with family, cooking could be a great way to save.

You may relish traditional foods carefully and professionally cooked. But as an international in Sweden, preparing some food from your country remains a good way to gradually cope. Of course it has to be a carefully made decision just not to end up paying a lot in electricity bills accrued from frequent cooking of high heat demanding foods.

In order to make cooking at home more viable in Sweden, people consider the time it takes to make food, their cravings, family size, convenience and more. Sometimes it may be expensive to cook just a little food each day. So most people cook enough food for the week and stuff them in the freezer, only taking out to warm in the microwave and eat during the busy weekdays. 

Lovely Swedish food culture

The culinary methods in Sweden can be definitely finger licking. The foods are not only well cooked but also garnished to appeal. Ordinarily, Swedes strictly consider a well balanced diet for personal wellness. This approach to foods can be seen in the food portions served at hotels or in buffet hotels in Sweden. 

Food taste and aesthetics means a lot to Swedes. If you’re dating a Swedish national or visit nearby hotels, it will get clearer how serious they consider food. The Swedes do not just encourage eating for the sake of filling up the stomach but as a nutritional need for a healthy living. No wonder most of them come across as admirable and strikingly beautiful with athletic or muscular body form.

Inviting and exceptionally cooked Swedish delicacies

Whenever you get to understand the Swedish culinary motivations and what it means to them, that’s a step forward. Just invest some time to learn about common Swedish foods and drinks. Get to know foods like Pickled herring, crispbread, Räksmörgås and lots more. 

Just in case the foods come in strange names unknown to you, just do a little bit of homework on the Swedish delicacies. To cook the foods at home, buy a Swedish cookbook, follow Swedish food cooking blogs or watch Youtube channels that have content on how the meals can be cooked. . 

Which way-restaurants or home cooking in Sweden?

While others would enjoy a family get together and dinner gathered in their favourite restaurants, a typical Swede enjoys preparing their own meal at home. Most Swedes would only eat out while grabbing a quick lunch offer, have a date or are completely starved for time. 

As a visitor or a tourist, you are more likely to rely on eating out to enjoy any traditional Swedish delicacies. It’s therefore imperative that you are well aware of what to eat and where to get it. 

If you are not in the mood for a heavy meal, there are a number of cafes and bakeries at every corner to offer some Swedish desserts and treats. However, the traditional Swedish diet has caught the attention of every visitor coming to Sweden. 

Now everyone looks forward to having a bite alongside many other delicacies. For this reason, qualified Nordic chefs who are indeed pioneers of the force bringing forth a lot of creative satisfaction in the culinary domain are here for your satisfaction. 

The evidence is in the sweet aroma of the freshly baked bread, and the freshly brewed coffee wafting from the cafes filling the alleyways. Indeed, there is a lot of food and drinks in Sweden that is worth trying out.

Dishes Worth Trying Out

There is an overwhelming variety of mouth-watering foods that is available in Sweden. Therefore, to come up with an absolute list of a must try menu can be a little complex. Nonetheless, here are some of the best and famous Swedish delicacies that you must try out.

1. Smorgasbord 

Smorgasbord passes for a Swedish iconic dish. It consists of different small dishes to allow you to have your pick. In other words, it is a Swedish buffet-like meal with a variety of hot and cold dishes. The traditional choices are meatballs, pies, salmon, and salad. 

2. Kottbullar

Sweden, like the other Scandinavian countries, has a special place for meat balls in their menu. In fact, it appears that the Scnaidnavians generally do not relish meat taken in solid chunks but as either meatballs or minced. The popular Swedish Kottbullar is one such meatball and  comes served with thick gravy. Some other people prefer it served with meat juice, or creamy mashed potatoes and lingonberry sauce.

3. Crayfish 

This often comes as an August specialty with various festivals spread around the month to celebrate them. In fact, the crayfish party that always happens in Sweden well demonstrates the amazing regard that Swedes have for signature foods. The crayfish  can be red, bite-size freshwater or saltwater shellfish delicacies.

4. Raggmunk

Raggmunk  in Sweden can make such a fingerlicking meal. It comes served as traditional Swedish potato pancakes fried in butter, often served with lingonberries and pork.

5. Prinsesstarta

Now, Prinsesstarta could be your favourite Swedish desert called princess cake with layers of yellow sponge cake filled with vanilla custard and jam. The toppings constitute whipped cream and a thin layer of green marzipan that covers the whole cake.

Famous Swedish Drinks

When it comes to the most famous and largely consumed drink in Sweden, Kaffe or simply coffee takes a lead role. Tea is equally popular and so is the traditional Swedish vodka Brannvin. You should also try out the traditional Swedish beers like lattol and pilsner.


Author: Fredrick