Getting a nice experience at the Lapland View Lodge

If you have ever set foot in Sweden, then you will agree that it is country for adventure. Swedes are good at taking care of ecosystem. And for that, they have enhanced the existing magnificence of nature there. To guests and local, Sweden is one country with various exciting places for visit during your vacation spree. Mark you; even a full month holiday is never enough to unfold the hidden gems in Sweden.

If you are new and wondering where to start, just go northward and give thanks later. Have you ever heard of Övertorneå? May be not and of course it is just a mere municipality in Sweden. But as small as it is, the famous river Torne is situated right next to it.

As a river that borders Sweden to Finland, it has become famous globally.  you can explore its surrounding forest that has lots of sun ripe berries to feed you during the tour. On a lucky day of a walk in the forest, you are likely to spot the king of the forest. That is none other than moose.

To achieve the spectacular view of the stunning landscape, you may go up on mount Luppio. On top of it is the majestic restaurant by the name Lapland View lodge. If you have ever heard of it then well, it is time to have a glimpse of its experience. After reading this article, you will confirm that the lodge is more than just a viewpoint.

The Outlook of Lapland View Lodge

To begin with, its location at the top of a small mountain is something. The panoramic view from the restaurant reveals much of the pristine forest. Well, from the terrace, you will gladly satisfy your eyes with what is there to see. To mention a few are the snowy treetops lest I forget the Torne river valley. 

From afar, you will notice two main buildings with a long adjoining terrace. That is, as you approach the restaurant. The first to welcome you is the cozy atmosphere with a homely ambiance, as you get closer. Nature at this place gives an assuring peace and relaxation to the guest. If not for the tweeting birds then wild animals along the valley will.

Typical view of Lapland View Lodge, Sweden

To start getting around, the reception and a lounge are set for you to sit and relax. Perhaps to unwind as you figure out what next. It is well furnished with comfy seats and beside it is a fireplace in case you need to warm up. But don’t be surprised if the same lounge turns into a conference room, more so in Spring and Autumn. 

There is a restaurant where the entire figure-licking food is served. That is from breakfast, lunch dinner and supper. Luckily, the 120 seats at the restaurant won’t be few for you and your other friends to dine together. A bar is also definite to get your favourite drink right on order.

 To inform you is a spa and a relaxation area. From this corner lies another fireplace integrated in between the rocky mountain. From this outdoor Jacuzzi, you will enjoy the midnight sun during summer. Another episode of watching the northern light is probable in winter.

Accommodation at Lapland View Lounge

You are highly welcome if you are meant for a longer stay at Lapland View Lounge. Forty cabins are there just to make you feel at home. Thirty-two of the rooms are for the hotel while the remaining eight are set aside for family guests (in the company of children). 

In the rooms are wide clear windows to help with the outside view. Other necessities like a wardrobe, bathroom fitted with a shower plus toiletries are in there. You don’t need to carry a hair drier, towel or any bed linen. The cabins have a seating area and a mini bar.

Service and Food at Lapland View Hotel

 For heavenly eateries in Swedish cuisine, Lapland View Lounge is the place. Like many hotels in Sweden, the use of local ingredients for recipes is the secret behind the sweetness. Mostly, the foods are organic and are ever prepared fresh and pure.

You get to savor and sample some of the finger licking dishes at Lapland View Lodge

Admittedly, many clients have noted good reviews for the food they ate. On top of that is the diligent and friendly staff at the restaurant. Except for the few complaints about service delays, all seem swift and organized. If it couldn’t be so then the hotel could not earn the 3.5 rating out of 5.

Popular Facilities at Lapland View Lounge

Clients owning personal cars tend to frequent this restaurant. Not just for its delicacies but for free private parking too. Even if you opt to use a flight for travelling, the airport shuttle will drive you in safely from Kemi Tornio airport.

Another facility worth mentioning is accessible Wi-Fi at zero cost. Although not a facility, the souvenir shop is worth mentioning. From it, you can buy a thing or two to carry home in remembrance of your visit. 


Author: Tabitha Akeyo