Convenience begets comfort at Nordic Light Hotel

The Nordic region and Sweden to be specific keep surprising newcomers just as it does to long term residents. Each day counts as a time to keep discovering the great hospitality and tourism hubs in the country. A day in any Swedish city may just be too short  and long to return and partake of the country’s unique taste of virtually everything. But whatever brings you to Stockholm, Sweden, do not think twice about making Nordic Light Hotel a preferred destination for putting up after long hours of sampling the city’s great adventures, sizzling and aromatic street eatery cuisines. 

Well traveled and experienced people will confess that a homely hotel room or restaurant can be therapeutic after a long busy day. Surely, Stockholm can keep you busy even if just on a vacation. Imagine having to pace up and down visiting Gamla Stan, museums at Djurgården, Lake Mälaren and many more attractions within the city. At the end of the day, you’re surely exhausted and just need to relax and possibly unwind over a glass of soft wine before dashing into your hotel room.

Making Nordic Light your homely hotel

If you are looking for a hotel that meets comfort, simplicity, and convenience, Nordic Light Hotel is the place to be. The fact that the hotel is located right after the Central Station and the airport express makes it possible to access it anytime.

This contemporary design hotel at the heart of Stockholm portrays the Nordic heritage in its true sense.  In 2017, award-winning architect Todd Saunders gave the Nordic Light Hotel a complete renovation. He brought the hotel into shape making a stand as beautifully as it does now.

Every part of the hotel spells excellence and elegance. The material, art, and lighting make Nordic Light hotel inspiring and pretty unique. The reason why this hotel attracts guests both for pleasure and also for business is its perfect location. The restaurant is the best place to be as you will enjoy staying without a doubt.

Overview of Nordic Light Hotel

The Nordic Light Hotel in Central Stockholm came into existence in 2001 and its renovation was in 2018. This is a great neighborhood for its proximity to the airport. During your stay at this hotel, you will get to enjoy the cultural highlights of Modern Art and the Royal Swedish Opera.

Moreover, the Nordic Light Hotel is next to two distinguished landmarks which are Stockholm Palace and Stureplan. There is never a dull day when you book yourself in this prestigious hotel in Stockholm. If you are a game or event lover, find your way to Tele2 Arena or Stockholm Olympic. Both are not far from the hotel.

Nordic Light Hotel rooms and suites

This restaurant has approximately 10 suites and 159 modern rooms which are to die for. You will not want to leave once you board. There are various room options you can choose from. The standard double and superior double rooms cater to a maximum of two persons each. The deluxe double is for four people while suites are for four people too.

Designer John Tong did an exceptional job of styling all the rooms with his meticulous hands. You will notice that the rooms display the Nordic concept which includes harmony and tranquility. Additionally, rooms at Nordic Light Hotel have Swedish-brand luxury beds and a laptop-sized safe.

The lighting of every room is different, meaning you can choose from various settings. You have the freedom of choosing your kind of lighting. The Nordic Light Hotel uses the interchange of lights to bring out the creative personality of the hotel.

Nordic Light Hotel, Lykke restaurant

The gigantic Lykke restaurant is a creation of the Nordic Light Hotel. It is where you will treat yourself to sumptuous meals throughout your stay. The inspiration for Lykke restaurant is the traditional Nordic food culture and exceptional dining experiences.

Get ready to enjoy food and drinks at Lykke restaurant. All meals feature traditional Nordic ingredients though with the inclusion of a modern twist. Apart from the restaurant having an open kitchen, it also has a Chef’s Table. When the weather is good, you can sit outside and enjoy the warm breeze.

At Lykke restaurant, you will relish exquisite cocktails, not to mention the exhilarating wines. So, you can be certain that whether a cool brunch or lunch or evening amazing dinner, this restaurant got you covered. The main aim of the Lykke restaurant is to ensure that all its customers feel appreciated and welcomed.

Hotel facilities

You will have a daily breakfast throughout your stay at the hotel. The staff will serve it as a buffet, or you can have it in your room if you please. Don’t be shy when picking what you want for breakfast. Go for what melts your heart from the varied selection of breakfast foods.

Anytime you need assistance you can contact the front office desk which is always open 24 hours. Room service is also at your disposal any time of day or night. Besides, the restaurant delights in having multilingual staff who are not only professional but also friendly. They make your stay at the hotel extremely memorable.

You can also enjoy the fireplace in the lobby and also take advantage of the hotel’s spa and gym facilities.

The Hotel’s signature mood rooms

The Nordic Light Hotel is quite popular for its mood rooms. What this means is the design of the hotel is such that these specific rooms have lighting that inspires moods. This kind of lighting creates atmospheres making the whole mood relaxing and pretty awesome.

This lighting is not only present in the mood rooms. You will notice how the hotel’s lounge and bar are fitted with special lighting. With this kind of light combination and cool music, you will definitely have a great time at Nordic Light Hotel.

Do you want to know what brought about this idea of mood rooms? Well, the inspiration was from the Northern Lights. That is what made the designer use lights to create different atmospheres. This is one of the reasons that make most visitors keep coming back for another experience.

In the mood rooms, you will notice the fitting of moving patterns projected on the walls. Get ready to enjoy some color therapy while in the Nordic Light Hotel. Nevertheless, you choose if you want such a room or not because not everyone is a lover of such lighting. Remember that there is always something for everyone at the hotel.

Author: Tabitha Akeyo