Klostergatan 5 Uppsala for tasty flavors and unmatched hospitality

Talk of Sweden and the city of Uppsala quickly comes to mind. If you’re not thinking about Stockholm then it’s either Malmö, Gothenburg or Uppsala. Uppsala drips with pure bliss and gives a perfect connection between the past, today and future. Those who find a chance to visit or live in this magical academic city never miss to come to Gamla UppsalaUppsala Cathedral , Uppsala Konsert & Kongress  or other social places like bars and restaurants. Onto this list, Klostergatan 5  very well fits.

Ordinarily, we get overcome by the anxiety to arrive in and start sampling the great adventures of Uppsala. As much as the catchy attractions, great culture, built structures and natural spaces around really tickle the mind, hospitality stands out. Everyone needs an absolutely cozy, exciting and homely space when away on a vacation in Sweden. This means only one thing-dining at Klostergatan 5, getting favorite drinks served and just chilling out calmly.

Getting an exciting hold of Sweden, Uppsala

Do you have this particular longing to visit Sweden? Could it be Uppsala that tops or appears among your preferred places to vacation at? This may turn out to be one great decision. The city not only has internationals like you but also locals who blend so well to match up to the true definition of a culturally diverse one. Visitors to this city just like locals always take time to visit its different locations for adventure purposes.

Some of the must visit places in Uppsala include Sigtuna and Markim-Orkesta where people get to reconnect with Viking history. Others cherish and find other gems in the city including; Pelle Svanslos lekplats,Linnaeus Garden and Museum Gustavianum just to mention a few. But true legends never miss to also treat their tummies to some tasty, juicy foods and drinks. Food culture in Uppsala is one real way to experience the place.

Getting started as an expat in Uppsala

Many expatriates have Sweden in mind as their dreamland. Some have managed to visit it for a short time while others have fully relocated. You can’t imagine how good it is to relocate to such an amazing country where life offers you what you deserve. If you are a hard worker, you will surely earn the reward for a job well done. Never will the high cost of living shake you one bit, as long as you know well how to grab opportunities.

You never know, as an expat your compass may direct you straight to Uppsala in Sweden. That is likely if you are heading there for higher education. Although the city is not as big as Stockholm, it only ranks fourth in Sweden. Despite its small size, it is home to two renowned universities globally. 

Apart from that, Uppsala has a name for its magnificent cathedral not to forget its beautiful landscape. It is certain to receive many guests who visit just to catch a glimpse at its hidden gems. Being the origin place for Vikings, a tour at Gamla Uppsala is worth it. To view the royal burial mounds of the Vendel Viking kings. 

Still, you can stroll around the beautiful garden surrounding Linnaeus’ Hammarby. But whenever hunger knocks, Klostergatan 5 restaurant in Uppsala got you. It offers mouth-watering meals that are best conformed to the famous Swedish diet.

Swedish diet in a nutshell

One question most foreigners arriving in Sweden get asked so much by people back home is the type of diet and foods eaten there. This tells how food choices and menu served in restaurants in Uppsala matter a great deal. Some people may prefer to look around for restaurants that serve foods known to them but typical adventure lusters rather welcome the need to try out some new stuff; this would be an ideal mark of being adaptive as a global citizen. 

You may at this point be curious to learn what will be on your menu at a Swedish restaurant. Here is the nugget to tip you off.  The Swedish foods which you’ll definitely get on your menu at Klostergatan 5 draws its inspiration from the Nordic diet. The names on the menu may not be familiar to you but know that the food selection is always well chosen to offer a perfect balance of nutritional needs. 

A typical menu or buffet served at Klostergatan 5 will consist of a mix of whole grains, lean protein  with a lot of fish, a lot of vegetables and fermented dairy.  This combination has a particular ability to keep you well nourished while still within the best health status. 

If you’re only visiting Sweden for the first time, your intention may not be to use the diet as a somewhat regimen for  body frame. But, you can always be sure that the foods listed serve your best health needs especially now that people avoid unhealthy diets. They help empty your bowels and still feel energetic, nourished. 

Where is Klostergatan 5 Located?

Even if you are based in Stockholm, you can make an eight-minute flight to land in Uppsala. Better still, a train can get you there just in time. Once you are there, you will take a short stroll along the streets before you spot a line-up of eminent restaurants. The likes of  Villa Anna, and Miss Voon, and among them is Klostergatan 5.  Therefore, the hotel is located at Klostergatan 5, 753 21 Uppsala. 

Dishes  served consist of local and crossover concepts for recipes but the diet is harmonized to suit the Swedish diet. All of the many restaurants in Uppsala have a thing or two in common. One is, their food is locally sourced and served in season. There is nothing like a one for everyone menu. Two, the foodstuffs are organic and healthier for that matter. 

A closer Look at Klostergatan 5 

Klostergatan 5 is open all day long. So you are free to take all three meals and wind up with a drink of choice. Or if you like, a cheese platter will wrap up your day quite well. In Klostergatan 5, dishes are creatively cooked and served  resulting in  a perfect taste. 

Mostly, cheese and vegetables served there is just local produce from the nearby small farms. To mean, they are cooked and served in their purest form possible. For such reasons people like eating there because their health is well catered for. 

Admittedly, the space at Klostergatan 5 is a bit smaller than you’d expect. But guess what, it is not too small to accommodate you and many other friends. At least it has some space for you to decide whether to sit inside or outside for fresh air. From whichever corner you choose to sit, you will notice the comfort that matches the fantastic food.

Honestly speaking, dinner meals are quite pricey. Surprising of all is how Swedes and other internationals never complain about it. Why would they if the quality is worth it? I mean everybody likes good food and as you all know- the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach as the wise men put it.

Staff at Klostergatan 5

Many people don’t like service made by rude waiters who just move in circles and confusion. This is because they cause delays and cause chaos everywhere. Luckily, that has never been the case with Klostergatan 5. 

The waiters at the hotel are swift on call and are ever ready to listen when clients speak. Besides, they are polite and solve issues with maturity with lots of understanding. At least many customers admitted to coming there frequently. Due to the warm welcome and good services offered there.


Author: Tabitha Akeyo