Best places to eat in Uppsala, Sweden

Sweden welcomes so many people from across the world every other year. Some of these newcomers  just come as  short term visitors yet others end up living, working or even studying in the country long enough. In the best cases, so many expatriates end up acquiring Swedish citizenship. But all this aside, the country’s great cities will welcome you with an assortment of finger licking meals inspired by cuisines drawn from everywhere in the world. Like everywhere else across Sweden, there are hotels that provides the best ambience and environment for guests to eat in Uppsala

Well set table served from a great menu at an hotel in Uppsala Sweden. 

To have a taste of the meals served in Swedish hotels, just start it off from some of the best restaurants and eateries in Uppsala, Sweden. In fact, how to create,  preserve fresh and vivid memories of Uppsala is getting to sample the meals around. They say the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach-to have an amazing memory of Uppsala, eat and drink. 

Come to eat, drink and live in Uppsala-Sweden

Uppsala remains the Sweden’s  “Go-to” destination. Famous as University City, Uppsala has a recognition recognised as a great destination to relax on a calm autumn day. When in the city, you can tour the Uppsala Cathedral, take a stroll by the riverside and eat a blend of local and international Swedish cuisines. Several lovely bistros with appealing different charges, where one can truly explore the gastronomic wonders of the northern city. Here to assist you is a guide to stunning places to eat while in Uppsala.

Common Swedish foods 

Generally, Swedish food is varied, similar to the country’s diverse landscape. Typical of Sweden, Uppsala has traditional reindeer dishes, sea foods, wild berry soups and outdoor parties that let guests consume lots of mouth feels. Thanks to giant furniture makers – IKEA, Swedish Meatballs and lingonberries have become very popular among consumers.

Hungry and want to explore Swedish cuisines? Drop in and enjoy at hotels in Sweden

If you are visiting the city, you should not miss it for any good reasons. Despite offering Swedish dishes, visitors can enjoy plenty of international cuisines ranging from Asia-Pacific, European, to Indian recipes. 

Borgen, Orphei Drängars Plats

If you are an enthusiast of classical choral singing, this eatery is the place to be, thanks to its location address. It is a tiny yet stunning river bank square which houses Alfvénsalen, the splendid hall, where top artist celebrated male choir Ophei Drangar practices on a weekly basis. 

However, Borgen is not just a food aficionado. In case you need your belly full the whole day, pass by for a glamorous lunch to enjoy Wallenbergare – a typical Swedish bestseller made of ground veal, cream and egg yolks. The mealsserved with sweet green peas and/or with smashed potatoes. 

The eatery is also famous for organizing outdoor events, so make sure to reserve their hall in advance if you are thinking of celebrating a special day in your life in a traditional Uppsala manner. There one can have a taste of toast Skagen, a popular swede’s favorite dish – a lightly toasted slice of bread buttered with appealing amounts of a mix of mayonnaise, dill and shrimps.

Villa Anna, Odinslund 3

What if you find yourself in the city during winter time ? You should not be worried about the weather and it’s a perfect excuse to party in one of the country’s guilty pleasures known as julbord. It is a popular cultural Christmas buffet that yields in November and December with close associates. And if you settle on Villa Anna, be assured to enjoy a gourmet julbord

The restaurant of this boutique eatery and the adjacent Cathedral deliver yet innovative Nordic dishes since it was opened. Have a taste of rainbow trout, swede wagyu meat and locally produced cheese with a creative recipe. 

Annam Vietnamesiska Restaurang 

What if you find yourself craving traditional home cooking from northern Vietnam while visiting? Think of Annam where you will find super tasty and simple dishes made from ingredients used around Hanoi. Swing by Tegnérgatan 19 for some Vietnamese comfort food together with friends and family. 

Annam Vietnamesiska Restaurang has brought mother’s (secret) family recipe to Uppsala where it serves genuine Vietnamese dishes. Good food with harmony between sweet, salty, sour and spice. Without fussing about it, the restaurant simply cooks the kind of food we ourselves eat and love. All you get remains fine dining, no weirdness and just good food you never get tired of!

The eatery is open for both lunch and dinner, so drop by spontaneously and eat good food in a relaxed environment. And as cliché as it sounds, there is actually a truth in ‘sharing is caring’. T dishes can therefore be shared with more people, so feel free to bring colleagues for lunch or come here with family and friends and share a dinner of Vietnamese comfort food together. 

Hambergs Fisk

Willing to try some vitamin sea? Visit Hambergs Fisk where they offer triple services including catering, fish shop and restaurant from late 1990s and they fairly pride themselves as experts in Swedish and European cuisine with char, Kalix löjrom and plenty of shellfish plates. In case you visit this city during August or September try Hambergs Fisk’s crayfish. It is a time of the year when a traditional party popular as kräftskiva, whose main objective is celebrating locally snared European crayfish. 

Apart from seafood, the restaurant offers abundant supply of both cheese and wine, which made it recognised by an award, among other prizes. Despite being located next to Fyris river, all of the hotel’s fish comes fresh from healthier lakes and oceans in Sweden and beyond.    





Author: Fredrick