Top casino bonus in Sweden

Gambling isn’t a new thing in Sweden but the government still has a significant monopoly over their operations. So when in the country and need to gamble, you will likely end up at a Cosmopol Casino as the physical option. It’s possible to go for online casinos operated by foreign companies but then for land based ones, go to Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Sundsvall. 

Get the best of casino games, bonuses and rewards in Sweden

When playing a casino game in Sweden, you may be interested to learn the kind of casino bonuses in Sweden. Knowing this information not only places you as the player at a point of knowledge and able to compare which casinos and games to play. 

Since land based casinos in Sweden are largely patronised and operated by state agencies, also located in specific cities, going for online options becomes more convenient. Actually, online casinos in Sweden offer some of the hottest games, offers and promotions one can ever get. 

Reforms in the Swedish Gambling space 

The state for the longest time had a great control over the gambling space in Sweden. As a result of this level of control, online casinos had to play by the strict guidelines that restricted their bonus package to only welcome bonuses. Ideally , welcome bonuses for Swedish casinos, like others elsewhere, come at the point of registering as a new user.

The year 2021 ushered in a new era for gambling rewards for casinos in Sweden. Now, you can be sure to get some of the most amazing rewards and bonuses available. The Swedish gambling regulation board lifted the maximum capital on bonuses. This lifting means loads of new and improved bonus offerings are available today. Casinos in Sweden now make the best of their initial offer to new and existing players. 

Beautiful scenes and flickers of light around land based casinos in Sweden

Every player whether new or existing would always like to know how much they can grab from the best casino bonuses in Sweden. With Sweden taking one of the great turns in the online gambling boom, now this is the right time for most players to find some very fabulous bonus offers available. Here are just some of the top bonus categories that can take things further for your casino gambling experience in Sweden. Just choose your category and dive into the game with expectations of big winnings. 

Casino Bonuses and offers in Sweden 

The most popular bonuses on offer in Sweden are welcome deposits which can only be claimed once for every casino. The online slot casino gaming is quite supreme in Sweden no wonder it has become a home to numerous casino players throughout the country. It is never by chance that you can pick up some great free spin promos packaged or isolated with either a deposit or no deposit match bonuses. 

  • Deposit Bonus

This is a bonus which a player gets credited into their casino account when they make a single deposit. The online casino industry is a hotly contested arena with numerous casinos vying to win every player loyalty. As such, these casinos try their best by offering players various deposit bonuses to lure them into their sites. The deposit bonuses are designed to either lengthen your playing time or maximise your bankroll at the casino. 

Usually, they come in the form of free gifts giving each player a chance to walk away with huge winnings for new players. For example;

  • Puma Casino- 125% up to 5000 NOK and 100 bonus spins
  • Game Down Casino- up to 15% cashback guaranteed on all games wagering
  • Lionspin Casino- 100% up to 30000 NOK and 100 bonus spins 
  • Cashback Bonus

In the present years of online gambling, some of the best online casinos have come up with the best innovative loyalty programs like cashback bonuses. Today, players can claim cashback or rakeback offers based on their wagers or losses at the casino. For any avid gambler, playing games that offer cash back bonuses to any loyal player is a must do. However, this type of bonus is mostly popular among high rollers.

  • Free Spin casino bonuses

If on the lookout, you will quickly notice that the free spins bonus gets the most search of all casino bonuses. This has something to do with the fact that slot players find joy in numerous casino promotions that come with free spins. 

Free spins, also called bonus spins play an integral part as a marketing strategy for online casinos. It can be quite complex and risky to find the best offer just to make a point to find the legit one. 

  • No Deposit Bonus/No Deposit Free Spins

Deposit bonuses come to boost your general experience as a casino player. It’s by no means a way to joy ride or get a free bankroll to play everyday. The deposit bonuses require  you  to first have the funds to recharge your casino to play a  game. They get sought-after because of the zero costs and lower player risks. 

The casino industry is extremely competitive with numerous casinos reaching out for player loyalty. With this kind of bonus, casinos in Sweden attract more players to their sites for life long memberships.


Author: Fredrick