Ellery Beach House in Stockholm: The Perfect Getaway

Nothing comes close to having the best beach getaway when planning for your vacation. The white-sand beach and the turquoise seas are nature’s gifts to enable you to have a time of your life. Finding a beach resort with luxury villas, world-class pools, exquisite bars, and restaurants is what makes a vacation the best ever.

Ellery Beach House in Stockholm is one of the best beach hotels in the world you can visit. It is the only beach resort in Stockholm. The Ellery Beach House is not just a hotel, but also a beach club and a renowned conference center. What you will notice about this hotel is the inclusion of the 60s and 70s in its arts, music, and design. It is at this hotel where serenity encounters adventure making it the best place to be in the world.

About Ellery Beach House

You will find Ellery Beach House on Lidingö island right at Stockholm archipelago, northeast of Stockholm. It is just 20 minutes away from the Swedish capital. This welcoming beach house is a sanctuary to behold boasting of 122 luxurious rooms. You will find 14 meeting rooms, swimming pools, restaurants, a gym, and a beach club all designed to give you a memorable experience.

Ellery Beach House was opened in September 2020 by a Scandinavian hospitality group. It is a hotel like no other which gives you straight access to the beach. This hotel is a must-visit if you are looking for a place with a laid-back vibe. The comfort provided at the hotel is like no other for it is the place you can be your best self. Your pet does not have to be left behind because the hotel includes pets in their packages.

What stands out about Ellery Beach House in Stockholm is the ever-friendly, welcoming, and extremely warm staff. They make you feel like in your second home by customizing your entire beach experience. They emphasize how the Ellery Beach House is not just another hotel but a place where you can be at your very best. Whatever you are saying yes to whether a vacation, wedding, or meeting, Ellery Beach House is the place to be.

The Hotel’s Coco Beach Club

Ellery Beach House is home to Coco Beach Club which features both indoor and outside pools, a sauna, a poolside lounge, and a restaurant. It also comes with four spa treatment rooms. You will have a time of your life enjoying refreshing cocktails, tasty treatments, and heated pools of up to 33 degrees. You will never want to leave.

Coco Beach Club brings out a one-of-a-kind playful atmosphere that is pretty serene to help you relax. You will never have a dull moment at this club making it the ideal place for beach hangouts all year round. Talk about the numerous pools, cocktails, fire relaxation, music, cabanas, and much more. How perfect can this place get? Take a stroll at the beach as you enjoy the beautiful sunset on the sand or just watch the waves roll in.

Spa treatments are also offered including full-body exfoliation, a brow and lash tint plus styling, two different facials, a scalp and foot massage, and many more. Without a doubt, after all these, you will be feeling great from top to toe. The Coco Beach Club is certainly the ideal place to relax.

Ellery Beach House Food and Drinks

Food is a special focus at Ellery Beach House. A vast selection of beverages will be provided including signature cocktails that you will love as you enjoy the sun. Visit the Beach Club Restaurant for the best Cali-style food prepared by the best chef. You will be served Mediterranean cuisine meant to please your stomach. You can be assured that you will leave with a happy heart and still come back for more.

To enjoy your stay even more at Ellery Beach House, indulge in some table tennis and showcase your prowess. It is an activity that will play a key role in helping you to relax. In addition to that, you can invite some to a game of shuffleboard and have a blast while at it. After that go to the Bally Bar and relax on their intriguing sofas as you enjoy some wine or beer.

Author: Fredrick