Rafting; a Popular Outdoor Activity in Sweden

Sometimes work-life comes with a heavy load of stress and burnout. They can freak out your mind and may somehow depict negative habits in your daily operations. If you do not take any step, you will gradually transform and surrender to depression without your notice due to your highly worked-up brain. Therefore, it would help if you considered taking time to wind down your nerves from the frustrating work duration. Basically, the best approach is to take a vacation to cool off your mind and one of the activities to engage in is rafting.

Swedes and internationals have this unique preference for enjoying their vacation in Sweden. Did you know that Sweden is the land of Scandinavian hidden gems.? Now you know. If you are not planning to listen to the best-ever pop music, then you are heading to the ABBA museum or maybe to the famous northern regions to catch a glimpse of the Ice hotel, Lapland. Your itinerary vacation to Sweden will guarantee full excitement that will stand out as the best decision you have ever made in life. In all the fun activities Sweden offers, nothing brings contentment to the soul and body like rafting.

Why You Should Never Miss River Rafting Adventure in Sweden

Whether in the company of friends, family, or groups, river rafting is absolute on your vocational bucket list. While it works for the old and young, rafting is an authentic experience of incredible fun alongside the strenuous paddling and water splash that brings sensational tickles. While others carry their raft to the venue, some build their timber raft on the spot to their desirable model, which is best befitting for the game, thanks to the Swedes’ rafting guides.

In your river rafting at Klaralven, you will realize a set of beautiful adventures through the natural landscapes of the valleys and forests. What is fascinating about rafting here is the intense exercise as you manoeuvre your way from floating obstacles, sandbars, and overhanging branches. For such reasons, it is a blend of relaxation and challenge; all aimed at chilling down your nerves.

From the numerous untouched Scandinavian, Sweden’s national river Torne is the place. Furthermore, it offers a great adventure into the thick forests full of wild animals and rare plants. Moreover, the rafting guides in Sweden are knowledgeable in ensuring your safety as they teach you to speed paddling. With your raft guide present, you can indulge in unique activities like fish catching.

Essential Safety Guides for Rafting in Sweden

Life is full of surprises. Thus, you can never know what to expect, so it is crucial to consider safety before the fun moment begins. Remember safety begins with you.

Dress up in the Proper Attire

Choosing what to wear shows preparedness for your rafting trip. It would be best if you wear waterproof and anti-chaffing clothes to avoid soaking up due to splashing water. Besides, synthetic materials look better than cotton because they can quickly dry up. In colder months, you can go for wetsuits to curb the cold and enhance your buoyancy during the trip.

As for a paddling helmet, it is must-wear equipment. Furthermore, it protects and minimizes your head injuries in case of a fall or unforeseen obstacles. Always wear and keep your life jacket tight at all times without losing sight of the attached whistle. It works best to ensure you are floating when you fall off the boat, and you can blow the whistle if in danger.

You Must be a Swimmer

As much as you have to wear your life jacket, it only keeps you floating. For movement towards the boat and to the shore, you must be an excellent swimmer to manage. Additionally, swimming is vital in the event of a fall or accident in the water.

Understand what to do After Falling out of the Raft

It is common sense to find your way back contingent upon falling from the raft. You will fast swim towards the raft and grab the safety line as you call for help from your mates or guide to pull you back into the raft. If you fail to swim to the raft, call upon your mates to toss the throw bag with a rope attached to it, they will pull you back safely. If the options do not work, lie on the water with your feet pointing downwards, and guides soon reach out to you.

Notably, you cannot carry along jewelleries and handsets to the water. If they do not get wet, you might lose them unexpectedly in the seas. Similarly, listening and obeying instructions of your raft guide is the major of all.

Popular Rafting Sites in Sweden

Below is a list of highly recommendable rafting sites you can explore while in Sweden.

  • Forsknäckarna
  • Klarälven
  • Upplev Jarvso
  • Explore Lulea
  • Fors & Foto
  • Wilderness adventure Vindeln
  • Dala River Adventure
  • Jope Fors & Fjall
  • Wilderness in Värmland
Author: Fredrick