Places You should not Miss When Shopping in Stockholm

When you visit Stockholm, one of the activities that you should not miss is shopping. Doing shopping has a way of easing feelings of sadness. Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden and the largest urban area in Scandinavia. The city ranks top on the list of must-visit places. If you are not heading to the fabulous ABBA museum, then perhaps you are catching sight of its iconic city hall. Among the many reasons for loving Stockholm, it is also a shopping destination that stands out for expatriates and Swedes. Shopping in Stockholm works best for both a spendthrift and a frugal shopper. It all depends on your budget.

For its antiquities, vintage, and popular Swedish fashions, Stockholm is famous internationally for revellers and shopaholics. Shopping in Stockholm will serve you right, whether in the company of your dating partner, family, friends, or lone ranger. With the numerous departmental store, antique shops, and flea markets, you can never miss out on jewelleries, first and secondhand clothes, decorative homeware, food trucks, and many more out of the long list. You should never worry if you shop too late because you will enjoy the night package in Stockholm.

Many expatriates and indecisive Swedes prefer company as they go shopping. Besides, it works best for those who seek a second opinion on their choices or fellows who are unfamiliar with Stockholm. For newcomers, getting friends in Stockholm is straightforward. You can always count on them to walk you along shopping. Sweden is famous for its exquisite fashion worldwide; thanks to Stockholm. The shops stock luxury brand at affordable prices, which serves both young and old.

Places to Shop when in Stockholm

New in Stockholm? You don’t have to worry because here is a list of places you should not miss when shopping in this great city. The shops will give you a glimpse of where to get what and this will be great guidance in your shopping itinerary.

Drottninggatan, a Shopping Street in Stockholm

Even though there are several shopping streets in Stockholm, Drottninggatan is more popular. This is because the shop is easier to locate. After all, it is the nearby central station. Moreover, walking along the street is fun due to the less traffic. The issue of less traffic is more conducive to pedestrians, who can quickly cross through the city on foot. On lucky summer days, local music artists and entertainers are busy doing their magic along the roadsides. Therefore, it is a good way to have fun. It is rich in stores such as H&M, JC stadium, Zara, and many others.

From the Northern side of Drottninggatan, you can quickly locate Centralbadet spa, with a fully equipped gym and beauty parlour alongside the mild temperatures of the sauna landscape. Therefore, when you are tired a need some massage, then why not visit the spa? Besides, there are plenty of outdoor fruits, flowers, and vegetable fresh-stocks endowed with a flea market on Sunday in Hotorget. For fashion, interior decor, books, and movies, the departmental stores along Ahlens city are the places to get them.


Hornsgatan has some of the best shops, bars, and restaurants on Sodermalm’s longest streets. Pass by here if you are looking for local artwork and some secondhand wear. Furthermore, charity shop like Myrorna is a fair deal for affordable vintage wear, furniture, and interior design. Even though they stock second-hand and recycle, Shopping at Myrorna is necessary for it contributes to circular consumption in supporting humanity.

Furthermore, at Hornsgatan, you can get second-hand as well as charity shops. There, you can get used items or even clothing in good condition but at very good prices. Therefore, in case you do not have lots of money, you should not worry. You can get very nice things there at a fairly low price.

Visit Vasastan when Shopping in Stockholm

Vasastan is one of Stockholm’s most miniature but desirable bases for antique stores. You will enjoy purchasing anything hot for yourself. They range from vintage stock, unique boutiques, and to the ever-best secondhand stores. The good thing about Vasastan is the walk-through distance from the central station. It brings a comfy and safe stroll along the antique stores. Shopping here is a mixture of a vintage bargain and exclusive items, which cater to all tastes at preferable budgets.


Biblioteksgatan is among the remarkable shopping street in Stockholm, which is excellent for luxury shopping. With less traffic, this place is more accessible to cross by foot as you check through the exquisite luxury designer brands of the Ostermalm district. In case of hunger and fatigue in your shopping stroll, you can branch in the nearby Sturegallerian restaurants. You can also visit food halls to eat before you proceed.

Nordiska Kompaniet

Nordiska Kompaniet is a departmental store with an extensive selection of luxurious and affordable brands. It has brands that stand out in Sweden and internationally. Similarly, the shop occupies quirky fashion, beauty treatments, and homewares. You are likely to spot top iconic celebrities and royal families shopping in the stores. On the upper floor, pleasant café and restaurants offer the best foodstuffs. They include meatballs which are food mongers’ favourites. On weekdays, the place opens at 10 am and closes at 8 pm. However, on Saturday and Sunday, it opens at 10 am and 11 am and then closes at 6 pm and 5 pm respectively.

Do not Miss Kungsträdgården when Shopping in Stockholm

Kungsträdgården is perfect for leisure and relaxing after going through the damn hassle and tussle errands in the city. Besides, it is full of vendors who know best how to make your favourite ice cream flavours in Stockholm. This place is more fun during the winter than in the summertime. In addition, visitors and locals enjoy ice skating activities at this base in the winter seasons. Notably, shopping in Stockholm requires carrying a big wallet to have it all.

Author: Fredrick