Exciting places worth visiting in Sweden

Just as you are reading this, there are so many out there who long to visit or completely relocate to Sweden. The country has a good reputation for a well functioning government, great institutions for research, innovation and learning, exciting work opportunities and environments, a remarkable social security system and more. Be this as it may, not everyone wishing to live in Sweden can really get the opportunity because then the country will not be enough to host them. So, the best alternative is just to have a short visit before traveling back to your home country. 

When we mention short visits to Sweden, we do not necessarily mean only travel for adventure but even those trips taken for work or other issues. Provided that the visit does not exceed the maximum of 90 days as provided for in the visa guidelines, it qualifies as a short visit. 

So why visit Sweden?

Those who include Sweden as their basket of travel destinations do that maybe just for adventure. However, we can’t also ignore the fact that others thoroughly do enough research about places that they intend to visit before making it a reality. So just in case you belong to the category of people who just wish to travel to Sweden with no particular reason in mind, here is what should come to your mind about the country. 

Sweden is one of the largest countries in Europe at number five by a size of 450,295 km²,  Much of  this country consists of forest and impressive lakes. There are also numerous islands and amazing physical features that you’ll  only believe while enjoying the experience.

In Sweden, you get to visit several places with beautiful scenery. In case you’ve been wondering why exactly people troop to Sweden in their numbers especially during Summers, then know that this country has a great blend of attractions right from the medieval times, mid century and modern ones all tucked in various corners and cities in the country. 

 Drop off and stay a while in Stockholm 

Stockholm is the biggest city in Sweden and a melting pot of cultures and civilisations. In fact if there is a part of Sweden that is emblematic of the close relationship that the world has developed over time then it’s in Stockholm. Here you get to eat an assortment of cuisines from across the world, listen to music and retire to some of the most exotic hotel rooms around. 

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In Stockholm, revellers and visitors alike get to enjoy a journey full of beautiful attractions and fascinating stories that animate history and make sense of the current realities. All this happens while you relax and take in the famous scenery of the archipelago to the remote town of Vaxolm and back.

To begin with, Stockholm’s isn’t your ordinary city that consists of a single landmass. The city exposes its visitors to experience the islands of  Dalarö, Finnhamn, Nässlingen, Grinda, Husarö, Ingarö, Ljusterö, Möja, Nämdö, Rödlöga, Tynningö, Utö, Svartsö, Värmdö. To make it easier, a visitor can have the opportunity to traverse the islands and experience the ocean breeze, 

Maybe the million dollar question is how then to fully experience Stockholm as a first timer. Well, planning properly with how much time you have for an archipelago excursion is a good place to start. Explore inhabited islands for ultimate escape to nature like the ill-fated voyage. The latter develops from massacre to Minecraft in Stockholm Archipelago.

Move over to and experience the  amazingness of Gothenburg

Gothenburg city is located on the west coast of Sweden. It is the second -largest city in the country and fifth-largest in all Scandinavia. It also makes up for the natural and physical beauty, modern culture and several yearly world-famous events.

Those who worry about weather can be sure to get an exhilarating experience of Gothenburg over summers. Talking of transport in Gothenburg ,it is well connected to other Swedish cities by rail. For those who may be interested in having something exotic and more refreshing, it is also a possibility to sail from Gothenburg to Denmark in just a few hours. Note that Gothenburg and Norway has also been destination for cruise ships. l forgot to tell you about the Landvetter airport, allows you to fly to and from the city.

Come to Uppsala

For those visitors with a good taste of religion, it may be of interest to learn that Uppsala has a trademark for being  an ecclesiastical centre of Sweden. This is s o because the city hosts the Archbishop of the Church of Sweden. 

To many, Uppsala comes across as just being a bustling  university city. But the reality may just surprise you in a  pleasant way. Furthermore it is located close to Stockholm which then makes it possible to shuttle back and forth the two cities with much  ease. Possibly, tourists take a day-trip, something highly recommended by the authorities. 

Have a final check in at summer resort ‘Halmstad’

Halmstad lies on the western coast just right between Gothenburg and Malmo.  This amazing restaurant gets a lot of visitors in the summer and you may just be their next customer. In addition it’s one of the top summer resorts for Scandinavians.

Halmstad city where the resort is located  has impressive pieces of architecture especially castles and magnificent art. There are several statues all over the city’s museum too . A few kilometres is also the great golf course you may visit.

Summary for your to be travel of Sweden

To visit all the places mentioned above ,all that is required is just financial stability. With money you may go places of your dreams just to adventure and enjoy. Life is short and enjoying it to the fullest may just be the correct way to live it!






Author: Fredrick