Visit the Erikson Cottage to have a Glimpse of the Glass Cabin

In most cases, you will hear avid travelers planning a visit to Sweden, which is good because the country is loaded with scenic beauty. Besides, in their schedule list, you will notice them write about a visit to Stockholm’s museums, Isaberg Mountain Resort, down to the Gotland Island, and they think the vacation spree is fully packed. Wait until you get into the forest of Västergötland where the Erikson Cottage is. There is more than what meets the eye in there. In a serene environment with natural beauty, you will enjoy the gourmet experience with a mixture of culinary culture hidden in Erikson’s cottage.

Furthermore, it is excellent to know that Erikson’s cottage is easily accessible from the town of Jonkoping and Borås. Basically, it is just an hour’s drive to your dream place. The cottage belonged to Erikson’s fourth-generation lineage. And you know what, it was built in the 18th century.

In 2004, the cottage underwent careful renovations to help it keep its original features. Currently, it is so impressive to all the incoming guests. Besides, the cottage is among buildings of cultural and historical significance in the present era.

Why You Should add Erikson Cottage to your list of Vacation Sprees

As a traveler, the Erikson Cottage should not miss in your tourist destinations. This is the place to be if you want to experience a serene environment and outdoor activities. At the Erikson Cottage, you will experience a night in the glass cabin.

 The Homely and Serene Environment of the Erikson Cottage

Are you looking for a quiet and natural environment to relax and interact with the wild? Then Erikson cottage serves you right. Its location deep in the forest of Västergötlan is far from noise disturbance. Apart from the natural calmness, a walk among the trees, watching the birds do their things as you sip your wonderfully made fika, is a natural feeling. The feeling brings peace and relaxation to the soul. It could be best if you consider booking a three-day tour to the Erikson cottage. The days will be enough to relieve the working days’ accumulated stress.

A night in the Glass Cabin

The locations of the glass cabins in Erikson’s cottage are a bit scattered. Whether settling for Glass Cabin Skogen, Glass Cabin Sjöblicken, or Glass Cabin Sjön, you will not escape the wonderful natural experience through the clear view of your walls as you witness the charming wonders in the wilderness. In the clear-transparent glass, warm linen bedding, and a deckchair placed outside the doorstep, the glass cabin is cozy.

With the Glass cabin skogen located in the deep forest, there is a chance that you will see a cheerful deer running skeptically at the sight of your image inside the glass or a singing bird up your rooftop. Everything is in clear vision from the glass. Therefore, it is up to you to catch a glimpse of what nature offers.

At Glass Cabin Sjöblicken, you will have a clear overview of the lake from the small hill. Lying inside the glass, you will undoubtedly watch the changing water tides at Lagmanshagasjön and the evening sunrays that will bid you goodnight as you plan on a sooner sleep. Apart from being the newest addition, Glass Cabin Sjön has an extra touch of gold and a private sauna for your revival bath as you get a closer view and touch of Lagmanshagasjön.

For chef visitors, there is an outdoor kitchen furnished with all the necessary kitchenware to try all your mouth-watering recipes. For food mongers who know nothing about cooking, a fully set dinner with tasty foodstuffs will serve you better.

Tasty Bakeries

The sourdough bread tops the list among the many delicacies the Erikson cottage farm bakeries offer. Elisabeth Erikson is much into baking sourdough bread, walnut bread, hamburger bread, cinnamon buns, and Krösa-Maja. They are all freshly baked from ancient Oland wheat.

For her, food presentation while serving is crucial. This is because she is fond of making beautiful bakery patterns to make it more appealing and alluring. However, if you may not make your way to Erikson Cottage, you can place an online order for your favorite bread. As you know, bread is good for keeping your digestive system healthy. This is because it assists in controlling blood sugar

Outdoor Activities at the Erikson Cottage

If you do not feel like having a book read in your glass cabin or staring at nature, there is much more to do outside. You should engage in the activities that re-energize your body and brain. For instance, you can grab a boat into the lake for some fishing adventure.

In case that is not fun enough, then you can move by foot to Ätradalsleden for a biking stretch, a good chance for perfect interaction. If you are more into nature, you can take a walk into the wilderness. The walk will make you feel and get in touch with nature right outside your glass cabin. After a long day of roaming and exploring, you can as well book a hot bath at the private sauna for a rejuvenating bath.

Hiking at Jalmaleden

You can enjoy your half a day trek to Jalmaleden, which is 15 km away from the Erikson’s cottage. Besides, your nature walk along river Jalman ends in Dalstorp village for a lunch and refreshment break. Notably, there is something for everyone who loves nature at Erikson cottage.

Author: Fredrick