Oaxen Slip: Beautiful and Stylish Restaurant

Those who have travelled far and wide tend to always tell so much stories about general culture and development in the places visited. Not so many may be willing to spend so much time on just explaining in detail a thing or two about the foods sampled, their taste and uniqueness. But, good travellers need to tell this side of the story too. Its actually not even about being food-ish or petty but just making the story complete. And here we want to complete the story of Stockholm with a short but clear focus on restaurant Oaxen Slip. 

Sweden’s capital is home to exceptional restaurant scenes. It is an understatement to say that you will experience the best dining experience once you visit them. These restaurants in Stockholm create a world-class culinary experience all under one roof. Oaxen Slip is among the best restaurant in Stockholm offering the best delicacies. Therefore, after doing some shopping in Stockholm, you can visit Oaxen Slip.

The restaurant has a sister restaurant by the name of Oaxen Krog. However, each has its own specialty with Oaxen Slip focusing on bistro serving whole-hearted Swedish dishes. It is the spice incorporated into the meals that make them outstanding. Every spiced food is done with wild herbs sourced around the island.

Visiting Oaxen Slip

You don’t know the meaning of exotic if you have not been to Oaxen Slip. To start with, you will find the restaurant in a converted shed on the island of Djurgården. Located at a boatyard, Oaxen Slip is designed with a marine theme which is incorporated with an oak-furnished interior. Take notice of the boats hanging right from the ceiling, an appreciation of the local marine industry.

Would you like to have a taste of outstanding food and service? Oaxen Slip is the place to be. This restaurant plays in a league of its own. It is designed with a special door that leads directly into an oak-furnished room with a view that overlooks the water. All of these incorporated with exceptional service is truly remarkable.

The atmosphere at Oaxen Slip is perfect for a night date. Besides, the view at night is to die for. Picture yourself dining and winning by the waterside! How incredible. The wine you will find at Oaxen Slip is obtained from small vineyards around Europe. Now, if you want to enjoy a picturesque view while at the restaurant, get a table right next to the window. The stunning sea view will help you relax in ways you could never imagine.

Oaxen Slip Art of Cooking

Oaxen Slip is renowned for its creative dishes thanks to the restaurant’s one-of-a-kind art of cooking. Innovation is the motto of the restaurant which is the reason why it offers an array of seafood dishes. The menu features produce which is mainly sourced from nearby farms. You will be amazed at how skilled chefs plan everything without leaving anything to chance. No wonder the restaurant’s gastronomic experience is remarkable.

Gorgeously located by the water, Oaxen Slip is pretty wallet-friendly. This means you will be able to afford every meal of the day from brunch, lunch, and even dinner. You can be assured that Scandinavian-tasting menus will be availed all prepared with quality ingredients. The presentation and service will make you fall in love with Oaxen Slip many times more than you can imagine.

You will be met with stylish décor and flawless service at Oaxen Slip. This is a friendly restaurant that you will find irresistible. You will keep coming back over and over again. That is how addictive the place can be but who cannot love such a pleasant atmosphere with sophisticated settings? None to say the least.

Opening Hours

If you want to have a taste of Oaxen slip dishes during lunch hours then it opens from 11.30 to 14.00 from Tuesday to Thursday. On Friday, it closes at 14.30. Unfortunately, it is closed on Monday. For lunch, you will be served snacks, starters, main courses, sides, cheese, and desserts.

For dinner, the restaurant is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 17.00 to 23.00. Your latest time for arrival should be 20.30 on Tuesday, Sunday, and Thursday. However, on Saturday, you should arrive by 21.00.

Customer Reviews

According to the customers, Oaxen Slip is the place to be. The restaurant does not only have beautiful dishes, instead, they also have an upscale modern twist. Who would not love to have a taste of good food? In Google reviews, the restaurant has 890 reviews and from that, it has an average of 4.4/5.

The customers believe that the restaurant because apart from the good dishes, it has beautiful interiors. The foods are also well priced considering their quality. While at the restaurant, for a start you will be served snacks to start with. After that, you will get a dish of amazing food with a taste that is out of this world. At the end of the dish, you will get beautiful chocolates as well as great desserts.

The restaurant is well known for its great presentation, beautiful flavors, as well as a welcoming restaurant. Therefore, the place is worth a visit as well as a return. Moreover, the place is dog-friendly and kids friendly.

Furthermore, on Trip Advisor, the company has an average rating of 4.0/5 from 1044 reviews. The customers believe that it is a Scandinavian taste sensation. Basically, at that place, you will confirm that food is just like artwork.

Author: Fredrick