Why do guests to Tre Indier Hotel consider it again?

Out of the three Scandinavian countries, Sweden is presumed to be the most welcoming to guests. To begin with is a slightly low cost of living. Of course, you cannot compare it to Norway with those hefty price tags on every good. Including foodstuff, so you can imagine what it means to, even rent a reasonable house in Oslo! It’s not a joke I tell you.

Another aspect that makes Sweden a darling to foreigners is the fact that it is more friendly language-wise. I didn’t mean Swede enjoys speaking English, but again, it is more commonly used than in its neighborhood. At least many people are good at speaking it.

Sweet foods and drinks at Tre Indier Hotel

If you wish to experience the best vocational adventure then look no further than Sweden. There is a lot to explore for historians in the numerous museums, with ABBA at the topmost. Even food mongers that love simplicity in a serene environment won’t miss their thing there. You simply need to move a bit into the woods to interact with nature. As you, still explore the best of Swedish cuisines in Stedsans, at its purest form.

Just to confirm what you have read about Sweden, its bigger populations are good cooks and bakers. No wonder Swedes have conformed to evening fika where coffee and kanelbullar buns escort each other to the stomach. Interestingly, the culture of surrounding an open fire with friends and family leads to great catching up with loved ones.

About a decade now, we can proudly record that Sweden is a step ahead in embracing foreign cultures. Just to ensure that guests feel at home away from home. The idea of starting up Tre Indier Hotel is such an amazing thought for Indians. They can enjoy most of their favorite food in that one cool place.

Locating Tre Indier Hotel in Sweden

For them that have a liking for Indian recipes and food, Tre Indier Hotel is the place. What many people wonder about is where it’s allocated. Well, it is so easy to trace this one profound restaurant once you have set foot in Stockholm or Gothenburg. The famous one is situated in Södermalm, right in the heart of Sweden’s capital city, Stockholm.

The good thing about this restaurant is its proximity to “Seventh Heaven”. It is a bar just around the corner to ensure perfect clubbing, wining and dining. At least you are assured of a perfect nightlife within that area.

What to Expect in Tre Indier Hotel

Honestly speaking there is much to like in this unique Indian cuisine hotel,

Delicacy Indian cuisine

It is disingenuous to talk of mouth-dripping food if you have never visited Tre Indier Hotel. Those that have tried to get the comparison will surely say that the taste of the pudding is in the eating. Not until when you taste Fried Saffron Rice, which tops the menu. You can never know what you have missed for so long.  

Professionally prepared food served with love at Tre Indier Hotel

 The truth of the matter is the list of their menu is quite long to mention all, but a few like palaak chicken and bread will never fail to spot. The good thing with everything is how the cooks prepare all the meals with love. On the very first bite, you will tell it all, because if you meant hot, it will be as spicy as you ordered. Still, if you like it mild, it will be served right for your taste buds.

 If you go by the aftermath comments on their WebPages, the majority of clients are singing praises for its food quality. Except for a few that kind of said the opposite by calling it assembled rather than cooked food. I bet experience is the best teacher, so you would rather visit it to share your thoughts too.

A serene and comfy environment

None has ever liked a noisy place for lunch or dinner, maybe a pub or something of that sort. For that, Tre Indier hotel nailed it. Apart from that is its stunning interior décor, which is so breathtaking. Above all is the cosy atmosphere that makes visitors feel comfortable and relaxed to enjoy a nice time.

 Tre Indier Hotel is Inexpensive

Even with the perfect Indian cuisine with the finest ingredients ever, the pricing of the food is another reason to ask for more. Contrary to other restaurants that charge so high for every dish, Tre Indier is considerably below them. If you are wondering about the many customers that visit daily, know that it is good food with pocket-friendly bills after eating.

The Unlikely Things to Experience in Tre Indier Hotel

As you have read above, almost everything speaks highly and positively about Tre Indier hotel. Except for two that I’m about to mention. One is the poor service of the staff, which are somehow unfriendly to approach. On other occasions, you could spot waiters looking confused and moving in circles not to even knowing who ordered what.

Another disgusting thing that pissed off many customers is the long waiting time. It is not that you are waiting on ordered food, which well, is worth the wait. But on something as tiny and simple as a bill.


Author: Tabitha Akeyo