Stedsans in the Woods, the Best Getaway you may try in Sweden

Going by the records, Sweden is among the top countries with many tourist attractions globally. The country boasts of being the home to possibly all the attractions sites that you may need from ice hotel, museum, to Fairy-tale Drottningholm Palace. Even if you need a getaway in the forest, you won’t miss. Thanks to Stedsans in the Woods. The place gives one a little interaction with nature.

It is a fantastic to create an off-grid restaurant in the middle of a remote forest, thanks to Mette Helbæk and Flemming Hansen. The Danish couple founded the unique Stedsans restaurant with an incredible passion for nature and simplicity. While Mette is a food stylist and cook, Flemming is an experienced gastronome.

As a traveler, if you need fancy things then this place should not be in your bucket list destination. At Stedsans, you will not get trendy spa treatments, pool, or even fancy guest rooms. Instead, you will find that everything there is simple and natural but with fantastic food. It is just the opposite of Ellery Beach House which offers its customers luxury villas. In Danish, Stedsans means ‘sense of direction.’ Therefore, it interprets to using your common sense to move toward the direction of something with terroir.

Why You Should Visit Stedsans in the Woods

If you truly revel in nature, Stedsans is the true picture of eco-conservation and simplicity. You could try vacationing in the wood s it has a serene environment, natural food, communal dinner and others.

The Serene and Secluded Environment

After long and tiresome working days, all you need is to relax your mind and body. Moreover, nothing would do you good like a peaceful environment. The restaurant is by the lakeside, located at the centre of an untouched forest.

The wholesome appeal of a remote utopia sandwiched in all kinds of trees, a medicinal garden, and homegrown farmland adds to its beauty. For those who love nature and camping, three days is not enough to explore the galore gem here. If you need a place outside the busy towns, then this is the best place to be.

Natural Food at Stedsans in the Woods

Founders being a chef and an experienced gastronome, great and fantastic delicacies are served in the woods. Although the food in this restaurant is mainly plant-based, with a few animal portions of meat, it is yummy. There is also a homegrown garden nearby. Therefore, your reputable chefs will make quality food from freshly harvested plants to achieve high-taste sweetness.

Moreover, additional items from the neighborhood farm, such as dairy and fisheries, will work best for your balanced diet. Notably, everything served here is in its purest form. Hence, no worries about highly elaborate foods that can cause allergies.

Communal Dinner

Unlike other restaurants, there is no food menu to choose from at Stedsans. This means that everyone gets a taste of the same food. However, the chefs can reasonably change your meal when you do not need what you have been served.

While at the woods, you should expect your dinner lay on the wooden community tables and served in a family style. Besides your dinner is a fresh, natural wine or alcohol-free drink made from the surrounding herb for refreshment. After dinner, everyone sits around a large fireplace, sipping a coffee in the middle chitchats.

Sustainable Operation at Stedsans in the Woods

It might sound awkward, but there is no electricity in Stedsans in the woods. All lighting and warming to cooking depend on an open wood fire. Furthermore, there is nothing close to water taps and bathing showers, all guest use filtered water from the lake to take their shower.

However, you can enjoy your bath with soaps from a product of the local manufacturing industry based on biodegradable plant extract. Despite the compostable toilets, guests keep wondering how clean and attractive they are. For that reason, Flemming Hansen terms them ‘sexy compost toilets.’

Lesson for a Lifestyle

According to Mette, a stay in the woodland should not exceed two nights. However, there is also 4-days retreat/mini holiday. It is usually from Wednesday to Saturday. The couple’s aim is for the guests to fall in love with the natural rhythm and internalize it for their lifetime. Besides, the comments from the guests who have ever visited are positive vibes toward preserving the environment.

A Night at Stedsans in the Woods

Although you should not spend more than three nights at Stedsans, the night experience here is incredible. The restaurants have 16 cabins, each scattered in the forest. From a walking distance, composting toilets and an outdoor fire-heated shower lie just nearby. Unlike many composting toilets, the ones at Stedsans are clean and smell-free. It is funny for many guests who leave the toilets laughing at the act of throwing ash into the toilet once you are done.

Before booking for a night, you should know that it includes a six-course dinner, breakfast, and refreshments. Also, prepare to use candlelight since there is no electricity for lighting. Although the cabinets are unheated during the cold, hot water bottles work in return. For a more invaluable adventure, spending a day is not enough. It would be best to allocate a five-day vacation spree to the woodlands.


Author: Fredrick