All You Need to Know About Tickets in Göteborg

After Stockholm, Göteborg is Sweden’s second-best city that should not miss in the diary of any avid traveller. If you have ever had some wild or utopia thoughts of Sweden, maybe visiting Göteborg can confirm some of those. The city has a vibrant urbanity and a sound transport system. When it comes to public transport, Göteborg is on another level. After shopping, you can take a public transport to your destination.

Besides, everything to do with public transport here is well planned and with very specific schedules that are rarely overrun. For that reason, it has become easily accessible. Hence, flights and trains steam into the city to drop off internationals and Swedes alike. Besides, through buses, trams, and ferries, the smooth movement of people and goods is swift throughout the city.

The rustic charm of Göteborg, together with its smooth public transport operations, has made the use of tickets more natural among the Swedes residents and expatriates. Thanks to Västtrafik. Västtrafik transport association introduced tickets to aid in building an internationally competitive region in Göteborg for promoting trade.

Before acquiring any ticket with Västtrafik, it is crucial to properly comprehend the terms and conditions. Apart from them, you need to adhere to them to avoid inconvenience. The tickets are functional on trains, trams, ferries, and buses.

Tickets for Public Transport in Göteborg

It is only unnatural to visitors, but for Swedes, the use of public transport tickets is so apparent. Besides, Västtrafik has made the tickets affordable with comprehensive coverage of almost all age groups. There are four types of tickets authenticated by the Västtrafik transport association.

Single tickets

For passengers whose travel is occasional, single tickets are handy and most efficient. With a single ticket, you can board a bus, ferry, train, or tram without worries. It is crucial to check the ticket’s validity by 90 or 180 minutes for single and multiple zones, respectively. It could be wise to buy two-single zone tickets in case of a single-zone journey that might take longer than 90 minutes to complete.

As a traveller, it is up to you to choose the most convenient channel for purchasing the ticket. You may opt to buy the ticket in paper/card form or via Västtrafik To Go App  on your Android phone. For both cases, the ticket activation is instant at the time of purchase.

You should not worry about where you can purchase the single tickets. This is because they are readily available at Västtrafik sales points, in the vehicle on board, or through Västtrafik To Go App. Nevertheless, for cases such as suspected abuses on the cards/paper cancel features, the ticket cancellation is instant. Also, it is without a refund.

Period tickets

Consider getting the period tickets if you intend on a frequent trip within a month, three months, or a year. Furthermore, the tickets work on buses, trains, trams, and ferries/boats. You can buy the tickets with the Västtrafik agent points or through, the Västtrafik to go App. If you did not buy the ticket via the Västtrafik To Go App, you should ensure that it is loaded into the Västtrafik card.

Furthermore, you are lucky to change your period ticket before 30 days or probably within 24 hours of activation. This card is flexible because you can easily exchange it for other tickets just before activating it. You should expect a refund if Västtrafik changes your travel schedule, maybe due to unavoidable circumstances.

As long as you can make prior notice on Västtrafik To Go App, any adult using this card can bring along younger travelers without paying extra charges. If you have lost your ticket, log in and block it through your account. Before you know it, a new ticket will be available at your home address. However, not activating the card within 30 days of purchase will render it useless. After activation, the ticket will be valid for 90 or 365 depending on the agreement of fixed dates.

Flex ticket

Flex ticket works best for travelers who travel in some parts of the week, for instance, if you can cover 10 of 24 hours a week. You can easily buy the ticket through Västtrafik To Go App but with a quick activation within 30 days, for that is the validity period for the ticket. Advisably, checking the zones that the tickets can cover could be best before you place your purchase order.

A flex ticket’s end time and date usually are 23:59 on the 30th day. If at all you feel like exchanging the ticket for another type, do it before activation and typically within 30 days. If you are traveling to and from Kosteröarna and Marstrand, a Flex ticket will aid your smooth and affordable journey.

Day tickets

A Day ticket is more efficient for people who travel a lot within a short period, like tourists. The ticket is acceptable on buses, trains, ferries, and trams. You could comfortably use the tickets between 24 to 72 hours after activation. You can buy the tickets over Västtrafik To Go App. However, they are not exchangeable or refundable because their activation is instant on purchase.

Parking Tickets in Göteborg

While there are many parking spaces in Göteborg, some are not free. You can buy a ticket to secure your parking space through the Gothenburg parking app. However, the parking price varies from one spot to another. In Central Göteborg, for instance, charges range between 20-30 SEK per hour.

Regardless of the many parking spots, it is a relief to discover the Ullevi parking garage. Apart from the affordable charges of SEK 80 per day, it is safe. Besides, its location is in the basement of Ullevi arena. To work smart, consider buying a Gothenburg city card. In possession of the card, enjoy free parking at an unoccupied space in the city park.


Author: Fredrick