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We can all agree that the world our world today draws so much of its progress from the powerful hand of technology. It is not only in the financial sector where we have come to the cryptocurrency age but also mobility and virtually everything. Automation and digitisation occupy headlines today as people and corporates try what they can to align with the fast paced technology.

Technology has improved efficiency in various dimensions. It doesn’t matter what kind of reservations one may have about technology penetration because when it gets to the homestretch, nobody lacks a soft spot for technology.  It is part and parcel of our everyday lives. The tourism industry has not been left behind for it has incorporated technology fully. This means that any time you want to book a ticket or try to find your way in a new country, a travel app can come in handy. That is where the To Go app comes in. In addition, if you are in Norway, here are some of the apps you should not miss in your phone.

Plan your trips with To Go

To Go is a travel app used when planning trips. In Västra Götaland, Kungsback and shopping in Gothenburg, the To Go app is quite popular because it is used to buy tickets meant for public transport. It is one of the most renowned apps among travelers because it is loaded with all information. Without it, you cannot move as swiftly as you would in various parts of Sweden.

The To Go app is loved by most people. This is because it has made public transportation so easy. Even if you are a foreigner and you need to use public transport. You do not have to worry since you can purchase a ticket using your foreign debit card or credit card.

Using To Go

To have a good time in a new country you must embrace their way of living. Finding your way around Gothenburg can prove challenging but with the To Go app, it can be a breeze. This means as a visitor you have to share in the country’s digital development by using this travel app. You will be surprised by the effectiveness of this app.

With the To Go app on your smartphone, you can easily buy tickets.  You get a chance to opt for either period or single tickets. You can still go for both. The best part is no registration is required when buying a ticket using the app. How amazing!

Tickets to consider when using To Go

The number one advantage of using the To Go app is the availability of various tickets to choose from. You are not subject to a specific ticket. You have the advantage of buying tickets that work for you. Here are some of the tickets available when using the To Go app: –

Day ticket

If you have a number of journeys within a short period, this is the ticket for you. Its ease of use makes it one of a kind. It even shows you how many hours you have left. Get this ticket today to make your travel plans easier.

The one-day tickets are for an unlimited travel period for the stated area. For instance, for the 1-day ticket, you may travel for 24 hours. However, for the 3-day ticket, you may travel for 24 hours. These kinds of tickets only become valid after they are utilized for the first time. In some cases, they may be valid for the specified time during purchase. Nonetheless, you should remember that you cannot use them after 30 days of purchase have elapsed.

With this ticket, there is the option of having 4 travelers but you pay for one. It means that in case you have an adult ticket, you may travel with 3 more people who are under the age of 20. If you want to travel together? Then why not try this great deal?

Period ticket

Keeping track of the days left on your ticket can be challenging. However, this need not be the case. The period ticket shows you the days left on your ticket. Apart from that, it also reminds you when it’s due time to get a new ticket.

The period tickets can be bought from Västtrafik agents, mobile tickets, or stores. During some times, they are usually sold on board. The tickets have to be activated within 30 days after the date of purchase. For validity, they are valid till they are activated at 23.59 on the final validity day.

Moreover, you can exchange this ticket 30 days after purchase. However, that is only possible if it had not been activated. If you already activated your ticket, then it is only possible to exchange it within 24 hours after making a purchase.

Single ticket

A single ticket is ideal for irregular travelers. Note that you will get a better deal if you buy tickets often. What is the deal you ask? A refund! What are you waiting for? Use the To Go app and buy a single ticket right away.

Wondering about the validity of this type of ticket? It is valid for about 90 minutes after checking in. For multiple zones, it is valid for about 180 days after activating or purchasing the ticket.

The single tickets can be bought in all the sales channels. You may choose to load them in the Västtrafik card or purchase them as a paper ticket. Unfortunately, you cannot purchase tickets on buses in Partille, Mölndal, or Gothenburg. The single tickets are activated after purchase.

Flex ticket

This ticket gives you flexibility with work or studies. You can use the ticket and fix some travel time. Once you schedule your travel days within the week, get the flex ticket. It will come in quite handy.

This is the ideal ticket if you are traveling 2 to 3 days in one week. It works well for those who work from home at times and then at times have to be in the physical office. It is also ideal for people studying at home and sometimes they need to go to physical classes.

What to do in case the App refuses to Work

When the app refuses to launch, you can try restarting your phone. Also, ensure that you have internet coverage. The tickets technical at To Go usually get information when there is a problem making the application not work.

Furthermore, if you make a purchase and it does not go through, ensure that you have internet coverage. Apart from that, you need to ensure that you have activated internet purchases for a bank card. As a Nordea customer, ensure that your card is open for internet purchases.

Author: Fredrick