Tricks for winning a scholarship funding to study in Sweden

To many who really understand the essence of education in changing lives, the legacy of Horace Mann forever remains legendary. The 19th-century congressman credited for being a sworn education reformer noted that “Education, then, beyond all other divides of human origin, is a great equalizer of conditions of men—the balance wheel of the social machinery.” Nobody understands this statement better than an ambitious person coming from a family of few means but still determined to climb to the higher echelons of academia. This is the story of so many who each year cross the borders  mostly from Africa and Asia in search of means to their hard borne dreams. 

We can somewhat understand the multitude of young people who wish to study in Sweden but can’t afford it. In fact, as you read this, you probably know of someone who has tried to apply for scholarships abroad but either failed or was successful. We here provide an icebreaker kind of information for someone whose ambitions are nagging enough to push them for studies in Sweden even though there isn’t enough means for it at hand. 

Sweden opens its university doors and embraces international students 

Sweden stands out among the many countries across the globe that offers safe anchorage for the dreams of young men and women who wish to change their lives through studies. Its incredible education system offered at its world class university scattered right from Stockholm to Lund and more remain a great testament. Although the Swedish universities provide great centres of learning and research, they ordinarily remain expensive for the bright but needy students from poor countries. 

But, there is always hope of studying in Sweden for someone who really wishes to put the first foot forward and apply for the various scholarship offers. In fact, so many young and brilliant students have always found their way to the best Swedish universities through comprehensive scholarship packages. They end up becoming great actors in their spaces, changing their own lives plus those around them and entire society. 

The often nagging push to study abroad 

Several reasons propel people to make a choice of pursuing advanced studies abroad. As things stand today, you’ll meet or read stories about African students trying out their luck to study in popular academic destinations overseas. Some of the commonly chosen countries include the United Kingdom, the USA, Australia and Canada. Maybe this has something to do with the fact that those countries tend to be more multi-ethnic and multicultural. Also, most students seeking to study abroad speak English which then makes these countries a priority. However, there is an academic hub which is Sweden which only those who have found time to study there can best understand. 

Lucrative study programs 

Universities abroad, in what we would safely call the first world, offer some of the most lucrative programs with proper funding and research equipment. It’s not an exaggeration that you will walk into a university in Sweden and feel the serenity and conduciveness that should be the ideal of a learning space. Be it at Stockholm university, Lund University or any other, the promise of a great learning experience is real. You may check out the full list of universities in Sweden and the study programs they offer here

Opportunity for Cultural interactions

Something extra about studying in Sweden, just like other countries in Europe, is the opportunity to learn another language. One also gets to improve on social skills by experiencing diverse and new cultures. Then the high quality Education crowns it all. That is almost everything that anyone may need for a higher education. 

Brief description about the scholarship

Tuition in some European countries is free even for international students. But even where it is free, the cost of living would put an aspiring student off. Yet again, some countries, of which Sweden is part,  require you to pay for tuition. This tuition fee often runs into thousands of Euros which is a big turn off. It is here that scholarship comes in pretty well especially for smart yet unable students.

Let me tell you if not encourage you; there is money out there just floating and waiting for the correct applicant to grab. The only mistake is that not many students really take their ambitions further to actually apply for the scholarships. To complete a scholarship application isn’t as simple as one plus one. Sometimes, the requirements can be so many that most people give up and that’s where many go wrong. 

Every step in Scholarship application is deliberate

Scholarship offers in Sweden including the lucrative SI Scholarship deliberately makes the process a little elaborate so that only those with burning ambitions can follow through to the end. Imagine if it were as simple as filling out a wealth declaration form or a birth certificate-everyone including jokers would win them and that’s not what should be the case. So, when you set out to get a scholarship funding and really mean business, take your time, study the offers, gather required documents and submit everything in good time. 

The Swedish Institute scholarship is actually state funded. The Swedish government caters for the Swedish Institute study scholarship for Masters and PhD students with the required qualifications .This means that 100% of your tuition fee in addition to monthly allowance is catered for. This covers your living expenses ,scholarship like this l guessed right to be intensely competitive.

Important Things to keenly take note of to win scholarship in Sweden

It is one thing to apply for a scholarship in Sweden yet it’s another thing to actually stand a chance. It is only those who do the application correctly and within timelines set that have the possibility to cross the thin string of scholarship funding. Among the key things to consider include;

Proof that you meet the specific entry requirements

For this, you have to visit the website of the universities you’re interested in to find out what specific requirements are in the study programme of choice. Some require that you should have taken some specific courses in your undergraduate studies. Others also require motivational letters, reference letters, portfolios and the undergraduate programme syllabus that list courses you took ,their titles and description. Some of requirements are not generic for every university. As I said earlier, visit the website of the university first . Note also if you don’t meet the specific requirements you will not be accepted into that program

Submission of documents

The Swedish Institute scholarship, like other options in Sweden, doesn’t give any exam or interview to applicants. It takes another route in which your study application also stands as an application for a scholarship. It means that only those whose applications stand out and fall in the tuition fees paying category actually win the scholarship. As a basic, you have to be first admitted to the program on the first list to qualify for the scholarship. If by bad luck you fall on the reserve list, you automatically miss the consideration for scholarship funding. 

Always ensure  that the documents you send are authentic and legitimate. The document shall be what stands in for you in influencing the minds of the selection panel. During this stage, you can’t just be negligent because this will determine your fortune of getting a scholarship or not. Authentic documents with correct content will obviously keep you optimistic.

Connection with the United Nation maintainable development desires

This part definitely cuts many off with the application especially to those whose countries are not members of the UN. Recall that the authority must look for motivated candidates . Therefore your motivation must be for the development of your country. Consistency with relation to one or more UN sustainable development goals. This is another move for you to visit the UN website to analyse the goals and find out which one relate to your studies and work.

Structure and content of your curriculum vitae

Another very important part of application l know job seekers understand it better. When handling this you should always use document templates the SI provides . Prepare your CV in a way that portrays you as an ideal SI scholarship recipient with respect to your experience and achievements. You need to create the impression that you are an accomplished leader.

Our final Submission

The Swedish education system for international students is very expensive. The only best option to study in Sweden is to study with a scholarship. Furthermore the most prestigious scholarship in Sweden is Swedish Institute scholarship but there are always others to explore. Set your eyes on the ball, manoeuvre the terrain carefully and soon your dreams of studying in Sweden will be actuated. 


Author: Fredrick