Low-Cost Cities to Live in For Expats in Sweden

Given a chance, so many people would move to Sweden without thinking twice. Reviews from those who live in or have visited the country plus other public information paints an exciting picture. The reasons that people can have for liking Sweden could range widely from good salaries, proper employment terms,  strong social security, government trust, job opportunities…name it. All these are just but a few of the reasons that pull multitudes to Sweden. But there is a catch to this. 

Without necessarily sounding an alarm or causing anxiety, it would be great for an expat to closely watch out on cost of living. One thing about Sweden is that as you will be earning your good salary, it may all end up in paying bills and ending up with nothing to even save. Actually, those who wish to keep trendy every year round and buy new stuff will barely manage to save in Sweden. Another thing is that the cost of housing will claim more than 45% of your income in Sweden. So, the choice of cities to live, lifestyle and daily buying habits will determine the eventual strain on budget. So we here share what one needs to know when it comes to the choice of cities to live in Sweden. 

Getting to experience Sweden First hand

Coming to Sweden can be the most exciting thing for an expat, majorly because of the attractive salaries. However, one aspect remains to be an issue of concern to many as to whether the high salaries directly compliment the cost of living. Well, Scandinavia especially Sweden can be out of your priority list of potential destinations as an expat majorly due to the high cost of living. But living in Sweden has some great benefits. 

Besides, there are plenty of existing good options in Sweden when it comes to finding a new place to settle in. Therefore, when you move to Sweden as an expat, there are some key practicalities to take into consideration. Stockholm, being the capital city, comes across as  the most expensive city to live in while in Sweden. But the dilemma comes because the city has so many opportunities as well. Actually, there is a likelihood of experiencing split opinions about choosing to live in Stokehole or somewhere else.  Nonetheless, we here get out of our way to offer a practical guide about the best and the cheapest cities to live in while in Sweden.

You Would Need to Find a Short-Term Relocation

Before anything else, one practicality that you may consider is to prepare yourself to find a short-term relocation. Competing with the ever-diminishing housing options in Sweden will definitely make your relocation much easier and more affordable. It is just prudent that you can find somewhere to stick your neck for a while as you get enough time to locate the right hood to stay.

Well, if you have anybody that you already know in Sweden, then you are better placed. This is always the best option for short-term stay as you continue your search for a home. However, it can cause lots of inconvenience for your host, and this is why many would opt for a hotel or an apartment. Getting a nice and cheap spot to leave in while in Sweden is not a walk in the park. So, it is always good that you are well prepared and ready.

Whether you are coming to Sweden in the next few months or year, this guide will offer you with the best information that you need for your preparations. By low-cost cities, it means that you could actually find something cheaper than what exists in Stockholm. Here you would find offers of a bargain rate for flats and food up and down the spine of Scandinavia. But then, here are some of the low-cost cities to live in Sweden as an expat;

  • Norrkoping City in Sweden

Norrkoping city ranks as one of the cheapest cities to live in Sweden. You are most likely to spend €950-1000 annually. Norrkoping is simply a major city that brings things down for under a full grand. Being in this city is quite interesting and amazing majorly because of the minimal monthly costs. Also, based on the fact that it is also just a short distance from the capital. Norrkoping is a hub of the Ostergotland region which is like 100miles from Stockholm. It is about 2.5 hours’ drive to the capital or even take a train and bus to arrive in just 1.5 hours.

The city itself boasts of the Promenades which hosts all the top shopping spots and dinners in the city. Get to experience the beauty of the Motala strom river as it weaves through the historic core. While in Norrkoping you also have the chance to look out on the old industrial buildings and the brick chimneys as they rise vertically out of the water. Get a flat or a home at Norrkoping city in Sweden and enjoy the favourable bargaining rates. 

  • Ostersund City in Sweden

If you are a lover of a quieter environment then you could easily opt for Ostersund city. The affordability rate of almost everything here is a bit fair as compared to how life would squeeze your budget in a different city, say, Stockholm for example. Yes, it will probably not give you a great feel like you would experience while living in the capital but it is a good way to go if you must save some coins for better days. 

The prehistoric province of Jamtland, has finally offered you with a more affordable city amidst the hard lined expensive economy of Sweden, Ostersund city. Ostersund city is among the most affordable places in Sweden  with almost half less of what you would actually spend in Stockholm. While in Ostersund, you could easily access the city’s surrounding nature reserves and lakes. 

  • Gothenburg City of Sweden

This is definitely Sweden’s second city which basically stands out as the only legitimate rival to Stockholm city. If you are considering an urban lifestyle but also an easy access to the coast and the large archipelago of small, cute islands, then Gothenburg city of Sweden is your home. 

One outstanding aspect about this city is that it has an eco-friendly public transport network system. This makes your movement around the city so simple. Also, get to enjoy a rebellious vibe, the arts, music and food. Life and living conditions here are also good and much less cheap than in Stockholm.

  • Uppsala City in Sweden

You want to have access to a much cheaper life and still want to be closer to the capital, Uppsala city is your best option. Just 70km from the north, you will only take a train and in about 40 minutes, you will be in Stockholm. For all the frequent travellers, this is your kind of spot for you will definitely have an easy access to the airport. But the good news is that you will also get to comfortably save an extra 200-300 euros monthly by living here as opposed to Stockholm.


Author: Fredrick