Tactics to Save on Spending in Sweden

Sweden stands out as one of the exciting countries to visit and live in. One thing about the country is that workers get paid a living wage which then means that people should generally live comfortable lives. But, this is not always the case because average cost of living remains high. If you share stories with someone in Sweden who is honest enough, it may be possible to get an impression of how costs can literally push someone over the financial cliff. 

In Sweden, a good number of people simply earn to spend with little remaining for savings. Be this as it may, smart people know way too well how to spend wisely and remain financially afloat in Sweden. The secret that everyone needs is to practise cost saving buying culture without downgrading their everyday lives. It is these approaches that we proudly share here. 

Living in Swedish cities can be very expensive 

It is no secret that the average cost of living in Sweden remains way ahead of its peers. This cost can be very high, especially in the capital, Stockholm. Maybe it hasn’t sunk in yet. Here is the explainer-the cost of living in Sweden is 20% higher than in the US. But this doesn’t mean that you cannot crossover to Sweden and get the best out of what this beautiful country has to offer. The way of life in Sweden still has it that there are numerous things that you can do to save a little bit of money. Yes, it is one of the most expensive countries globally even to visitors too, but it is so relieving to realise that there is still some glimmer of hope. 

You want to go on holiday in Sweden, visit numerous shopping malls and shopping centres to get your latest phone, or even get hold of a cheaper flat to rent. It is very possible and happening in one of the world’s most expensive countries in the world. There are pretty more ways to bring costs down without it interfering with your fun and enjoyment from what this stunning country could offer.

The most that you would need is a bit of flexibility and an emphasised planning mode. From your accommodation, transportation, sightseeing, dining, to your day-to-day basic expenses. Here are some tips on how to experience the beauty and stun of Sweden without spending your fortune;

About Travelling

  • How About Considering the Less-Travelled Airports

It is advisable to use the Arlanda Airport in the north of Stockholm, the biggest airport and entry point for almost all international air travellers. It makes more sense when it comes to convenience and cost but this will greatly depend on your destination. If you will be spending much time in the southern and western parts of Sweden, then perhaps you should find other alternatives.

Alternatively, come in through Landvetter Airport in Gothenburg, the second largest airport with direct flights from European cities. It also welcomes flights from Africa and the Middle East. From Copenhagen to Malmo Central Station is only about 25 minutes with trains going further west coast of Sweden to Gothenburg.

It will be much easier to find your way to the city easily given the presence of train stations and stops around these airports within the shortest time possible. The high-speed rail connections will quickly take you from Malmo to Stockholm and into other parts towards the north.

  • Consider Travelling in the Shoulder Season

A shoulder season visit to Sweden will save you quite a lot of bucks. Sometimes you may not have a choice of when to travel, but some seasonal attractions are often open in the months of June to August. However, with a more general travel plan, the shoulder season from mid-April through to May and September to mid-October are always a good time to go. The weather seems favourable accompanied by lower prices at most accommodations. 

If you are headed towards the ski areas just avoid the period between mid-February and probably the first week of march. This is the time when most schools in Sweden have their winter breaks and most resorts are packed with families. Travel only when it is a must go, if not just make a choice to come to Sweden in the shoulder season. It will help you save some money. 

  • Join Membership Programs that Consider Accommodation Discounts

Such programs are available all over Sweden where hostels welcome travellers from every corner across all ages. Most of these programs will provide you with some of Sweden’s most affordable accommodations. For example, the Swedish Tourist Association (STF) operating at least 250 diverse hostels, hotels, cabins, guest houses, and mountain stations all through Sweden. This would be one excellent resource as you plan for your trip in Sweden.

  • Try Shopping the Home Brands

Whenever you are shopping at any Swedish supermarket, ensure to be keen on the Swedish home brand first. This will greatly help you to compare prices since the home brands could be much cheaper. Sure to look for brands like ICA, Eldorado, or Garant. But do keep a keen eye on the simplicity, plain and usually duo-tone colours of their packaging. This is basically what dictates the prices of such products by keeping them on the low. The quality of home brands is equally great especially when you need to save some money.

  • Major on cycling and Taking Walks

Whenever you find it convenient, take a walk or ride a bike in Sweden. Walking or riding a bike is healthier for both your body and your pockets. The well-designed networks for cycle paths, biking in Sweden can never go wrong. If you don’t have your own bike, you could easily find one to rent. So, save some money from using public transportation to biking or simply walking if your destination is not far.

  • Shop in the Second-Hand Items Corner

It might come as a surprise to you that recycling is a Swedish lifestyle. Unlike in some countries, buying second-hand items is actually not a shameful act in Sweden. As a matter of fact, it offers you with an advantage of relatively low prices while the quality could also still be good. Visit the second-hand shops, sell and buy groups, Loppis, online marketplaces in Sweden and enjoy your shopping to save some money.

  • You Might as well Bring Your Own

As you move around the country, if possible, bring your own things. When you are shopping, bringing your own bag saves you the cost of buying a wrapping bag. Whereas bringing your own bottle will also help you save some money you would spend on a water bottle. So instead, you can just refill it. Tap water from the kitchen or refill station would suit you since it is just safe. In addition, you can also bring your own lunch to work, shopping, trip, or game. This way you still save up to 119 Kroner.


Author: Fredrick