Visit Dalarna for a memorable lifetime experience

Traveling to Sweden may eventually lead you to settling in one of its thriving and exciting modern cities like Stockholm, Uppsala or Gothenburg. But irrespective of where you eventually settle in the country or whatever the reason it is that brings you to Sweden, that journey ought not be complete without sparing some time to explore the country’s rich nature, culture and get curious about Swedish folklore. When it comes to learning the Swedish deep seated culture, Dalarna county should be the place to go.

Yes, everyone has this penchant for staying in bustling cities and enjoying everything modern. But someone who really wants to get a good foundation and understanding of the Swedes need to focus on such places that uncover the folk information. If anything, well traveled people will confirm that the place of folk tourism has become central. So welcome to Dalarna county, Sweden.

Yes, everyone has this penchant for staying in bustling cities and enjoying everything modern. But someone who really wants to get a good foundation and undertansing of the Swedes need to focus on such places that uncover the folk information. If anything, well travelled people will confirm that the place of tradtional tourism has become central. So welcome to Dalarna county, Sweden.

Dalarna is one of the most stunning counties in Sweden. Located in central Sweden, Dalarna is naturally beautiful. It boasts phenomenal landscapes, hiking forests, gorgeous lakes, and many more. Dalarna is one of those places you never want to leave once you visit.

Many people love visiting Dalarna in midsummer because of the large-scale celebrations. That’s the time this exquisite county has thousands of visitors. It is always amazing how celebrations are different every year’s midsummer.

If you want to experience myriad aspects of Swedish culture, Dalarna is the place to be. This county is just three hours away by car from Stockholm. It is in Dalarna that you will discover Sweden in miniature. We are talking of delicious food, to out-of-this-world Swedish arts and crafts.

About a visit to Dalarna

Dalarna means valley in Swedish. This is an area of central Sweden that is rich in culture. Dalarna is home for many years to two Swedish painters Anders Zorn and Carl Larsson. These two are popular for their exceptional work of painting the Swedish countryside.

In addition to that, Dalarna is one of the most traditional regions in Sweden. The region is picturesque with idyllic landscapes. You can easily move to and from Dalarna thanks to the region’s central location.

Wondering where to take your thris for adventure experience next? Welcome to Dalarna county, Sweden

Traveling to Dalarna is not a hassle because of the direct flights from various Sweden cities to Dala Airport. You will love the exceptional train connections that make movement pretty easy. There is also a sufficiency of motorways that cut through the county. That makes it easy to drive to and from other airports.

A soothing calm and enjyobale experience

A sizeable province bordering Norway right to the west, Dalarna, is the place to visit.  It is the sparkling waters of Lake Siljan that make Dalarna extremely popular. Talk of the mythical forests and red-painted cottages that showcase clearly Swedish country life.

Dalarna is without a doubt one of the most famous tourist destinations in Sweden. It is the peaceful environment that attracts many people to this central part region in Sweden. Be it summer or winter, Dalarna is usually full of visitors.

You will never miss activities to partake in while in Dalarna. During winter, there are many outdoor activities you can engage in. In the summer of Dalarna, you will come across many opportunities that you will fall in love with. They include hiking, golfing, cycling, fishing, and many more.

Things to do in Dalarna

If you are an avid traveler, a trip to Dalarna should be in your basket of travel. This is where you will experience Sweden in miniature. There are many places you can visit and plenty of things to do in Dalarna. Here are some of them.

1. Midsummer celebrations

Most people refer to Dalarna as the heart of everything in Sweden. The country is what describes everything Swedish. A midsummer celebration is a norm in Dalarna. Costumes and old ­traditions take place naturally as part of the festivities.

This cherished celebration takes place in the lakeside communities. Traditional dances take the center stage. During the celebrations, the serving of traditional dishes takes place. That is how the dancers end up boosting their energy.

2. Glamping

Glamping is a thrilling adventure. This high-end experience calls for one tent. It is a unique experience because you walk right into the middle of nowhere. If you love exploring, glamping in Dalarna is a must.

If you also want to have time alone and pamper yourself, glamping will come in handy. This is also a new way to escape with your family and friends. Create new experiences while you explore as you have never done before. The main aim of glamping is to get away from everything as you enjoy the views and nature.

3. Lake Runn

Lake Runn in Dalarna is the place to go for various activities. This is where you will be for wildlife spotting, kayaking, ice skating, and swimming, The best part is you can have a great time in Lake Runn no matter the season.

You will love the crystal-clear water in Lake Runn. Why not paddle to the islands as you try spotting different wildlife? Enjoy the lake’s natural landscapes whether in the morning, afternoon, or even evening.

4. Skiing and snowboarding

Many winter activities take place in Dalarna owing to the fact that the county experiences real winters with snow and ice. That is why activities like skiing and snowboarding take place at affordable prices. These activities are open to everyone.

Dalarna comes with stunning ski resorts where you can experience world-class skiing and snowboarding. The ski areas are normally open from mid-December all the way to mid-April. Invest in some private lessons to make these two activities worthwhile.

The red Dala Horse -The representation of Dalarna

Something else that makes Dalarna extremely famous is the red Dala Horse. Many term it as the county’s picturesque symbol. The Dala Horse is a painted wooden horse statuette whose origin is in the province of Dalarna.

This traditional carved statuette has had many usages over the years. The red Dala Horse typically represents the entire Dalarna and some people worship this symbol. It is amazing how generations of artisans have made this symbol the subject of an artwork.

When in Dalarna ensure that you take your time to admire the red Dala Horse. In this day and age, there is the incorporation of the red Dala Horse into modern meanings and traditions. That is why its significance will never end rather keeps growing day in and day out.

Author: Tabitha Akeyo