Take a fairy and exciting visit of Umeå, Sweden

A lot can be said about Sweden as a country but for those planning to visit or relocate there, the probability of finding your home in Umeå can’t be ignored. It is not only the largest city in the northern parts of Sweden but also among the fastest growing cities in Sweden.

Umeå city in Sweden exhibits great vibrance,  a young  bubbly population. This is exactly what encourages free thinking and a great element of open mindedness which basically means growth. Many who have visited Sweden and toured the Northern part surely can’t miss the exciting visit to Umeå. 

It is basically a city of contracts and there are numerous names for the central city of Umeå municipality. It has flourished particularly in the education sector with Umeå University ranking fifth largest in the country. Often, you will hear most Swedes referring to Umeå as the city of birches. From snowy winters to sunny summer days, the coast and sea to the deep forests. It is all filled with vibration from the city life to the quiet auroral nights.

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This is a home to close to 130,000 people who add enough light, color, and life to this city. Yes, you will find a lot of vibration here with exorbitant things to do and to also see. It is a Swedish home of cultural heritage and many flock the city to come and witness as well as learn more about Swedish culture. The museums, physical features, cultural institutions, churches, nature reserves among other things are some of the great things you should be expecting to see.

A quick overview of the City of Umeå

Just towards the north coast of Sweden, you arrive at the Swedish city of Umeå. It was founded in 1622 by a Swedish king, king Gustav II Adolf. Today, the city is growing at a very vibrant pace and often referred to as the “capital of northern Sweden” for one main reason that it is the largest urban center in this region. It is on its way to surpassing the 200,000-population mark by 2050. 

If you walk around the city center, you will also get to find out why the city is known to most Swedes as the city of Birches. There were a whole lot of birches like about 2300 lined along the avenues. In 1818, part of the city got burnt down and thousands of people were left homeless with absolutely nothing. However, after it was rebuilt, the birches planted acted as a natural fire barrier because at least 50% of its hardwood is composed of water. Wow! What an interesting topic about Birches.

The air hovering around Umeå city is more intellectual as it acts as the home of Umeå University together with the sister the Umeå Institute of Design. This is one of the greatest catchers and a talent nurturing centre welcoming talent locally and abroad. It has been ranked top school for product design for a number of times. It is this community of young people studying that plainly gives the city a young, vibrant feel.

Umeå, a city filled with nature

Granting you an easy access to the coast, the city of Umeå is located just 15 km from the sea. It has mountains and deep forest at its doorstep making it a nature lover’s dream destination. There is an element of untouched and wild nature of Vasterbotten close by. It is all about its proximity to nature reserves, wildlife and rushing rivers, hiking trails. This plainly means an everlasting opportunity to outdoor exploration, exercise, and great experiences awaiting.  

Sights of Umeå under freezing winter snow

The climate experienced in the city is temperate, basically subarctic embraced with four major seasons giving you serious winters and fairly short but pleasant summers. The summers at Umeå come complete with the midnight sun. However, with the effects from the Gulf Stream, winters are often mild given the latitude. There are fresh winds blowing in from Kvarken which contributes to the cold temperature in the city even makes it colder than expected. 

Experience the family friendly nature of the people of Umeå

There is nothing as confusing as being to a new place with no one that knows you or someone and something of any sort of familiarity. However, when you visit Umeå, you will not fail to acknowledge the low levels of crime. What is presented to you is a park of quiet streets filled with safety. The degree of honesty exhibited by the residents here is just so heart-warming. 

Children in the city are always busy participating in activities that build them both psychologically, mentally, and physically.  They’re always on the move lest they end up with idle minds which may breed evil thoughts. 

It is no secret that the city municipality has found a treasure in children and invests heavily on the young people. The young generation participate in ski lopes, curling hall, ice hockey, skate park, into training facilities and many more

Umeå as the City of Culture and Design

In 2014, Umeå graduated to become the European capital city of culture and this indeed was for the good of it. There is a high degree of entrepreneurial and innovative spirit and also the presence of highly regarded museums. Vaven for instance, is the city’s culture dome, an architectural landmark covered with an innovative abstract as illustrated with the birch inspired aesthetic. 

You get to see several museum houses, prominent libraries, cinema, and numerous restaurants and cafes. Umeå hosts a number of events and activities all year round, especially concerts and vintage fashion markets. In the other parts of the city, you witness the contemporary art and design museum, Bildmuseet. There is just so much to learn and experience of Swedish culture and history.


Author: Fredrick