Swedish music and where to enjoy listening to them

To best experience Sweden, it would be a smart idea to get immersed into the culture around. It doesn’t really matter how long you intend to stay in the country. Just spare some time to mingle with the Swedes, partake in their exotic foods and drinks. To culminate your experience in Sweden, listen to Swedish music, attend an orchestra or just any extravaganza around.

Some may get a feeling that Sweden gets so dull at times. It’s true that as a newly arrived person, especially from tropical countries that never experience chilly winters, the country may seem repulsive. To fend off the boredom and cheer up, attending Swedish music events can be a good way to warm up.

The tendency to coil and sit back as a newly arrived person in Sweden will only serve to make you inch closer to depression. Yes, there are loads of places to visit and feel charmed in Sweden. For instance, you may visit the Ice hotel and other similar exciting places. But the place of music to sooth your subconscious isn’t anything to underestimate.

People who end up resenting their early life as internationals in Sweden attribute it to their inability to speak or understand Swedish. This could be the same reason that may make someone not have a keen interest in Swedish music but trust you me, the music will cheer you up. Forget about the language. The charm of just dancing and getting excited at the beats will take away the possible misery of culture shock and more. 

Music in Sweden

Something people may engage in as a pastime in Sweden is going to the cinema or attending music events whenever they happen. For instance, if you end up living in Göteborg or just visiting shortly, the month of August would be a great one to enjoy music. The Way Out West music festival that takes place in the city for a period of 3 days in August would be a marvel. 

In the bigger cities around Sweden that melts with incredible cultural diversity, people organise occasional events for musicians from their home country  to visit and perform. If you miss  a taste of your home  country music, just check around and be part of the community of your countrymen in Sweden. They will link you up with the next music events happening in town. 

Typical concert event in Sweden

If you are a lover of Swedish music then ABBA, one of the best-selling popular music genres should give you clear evidence of what music means for Sweden. Modernity arrived just in the right time for the Swedes and digital technology justified advancements. Quite a great deal that has fostered many ground-breaking musical innovations.

Music brings you closer to feeling at home

In Sweden, music is always so close even when you least expect it. They sing, and this is just what it means. Most listeners sometimes may not necessarily understand what they are swaying their bodies to, downloading from the internet or even listening to, when it’s actually Swedish. Indeed, there is just too much to keep up with when it comes to Swedish music. 

Very skilful and successful songwriters and producers like Max Martin are from Sweden. As a matter of fact, almost a third of the records in American best-selling music have the Swedish fingerprint on them. Just how amazing is music in Sweden and how good are the Swedish musicians themselves. 

What Makes Swedish Music Stand Out

Maybe you have a different way to unwind after a long and difficult week of study or work in Sweden but listening to music may be one fantastic one too. Sweden has a rich musical heritage blending traditional folk pieces with modern pop sounds. 

Since the era of the mediaeval ballads to the global triumph of ABBA, and the present electronic dance music, Swedish music has maintained its diverse and innovative nature. Looking at the history of consistency and growth in the Swedish music industry, Sweden presents an outstanding musical landscape.

A Look into the Traditional Swedish Folk Music

Getting fully integrated into Swedish society as an international student may happen more easily through learning the country’s music. One thing about such kinds of music is that they will permeate the subconscious and possibly improve your mastery of the Swedish language as well.    

Wondering what Swedish folk music sounds like?Worry no more. The songs can be anything including polka, schottische, waltz, polska or mazurka. These songs have a great foundation in ancient Norse culture. 

As part of the integration process and possibly acquisition of citizenship by naturalisation in Sweden, songs will be a good way to prepare. Remember, the Swedish government set clear and laborious steps that one must meet to get citizenship status. Among the requirements for naturalisation is the Swedish language test and society awareness tests. Both of this may be best improved through a deliberate immersion into Swedish songs. 

 Some significant traditions that continue to be celebrated through festivals, a factor that holds the Swedish cultural heritage. During the annual celebration of Skansen Folk Music Festival for instance, traditional Swedish folk music will definitely be lined up. 

Wrap your emotions around the Swedish music

Whether it’s simply for pleasure or a way of soothing your emotions, Swedish music will do the job. Imagine a night out at a club in Stockholm with soft Swedish music playing in the background and you imbibing some of the wines on offer. 

Right from the dawn of the  18th century, Sweden burst into a musical epic with classical music taking the centre stage. Maybe you will be nostalgic about the likes of Johan Helmich Roman and Joseph Martin Kraus. 

These Swedish composers set the pace for other new generations to thrive. You may talk of  ABBA, Roxette, Ace of Base or Avicii who now rent the airwaves and will like to usher you into the frenzy of Sweden. Opinions may remain divided on who really takes the lead as the most ce;lbrated Swedish singer but this doesn’t take away the reality that the collection of music they all sing can be good enough to take away the winter cold. 

The Swedish Pop Music Sensation 

You don’t really need to love clubbing and hanging out on pleasure errands. But truth be told, it may turn out as the only best way to keep yourself comfortable so many miles from home. ABBA group for example will enchant the best in you. 

Get to sample and enjoy Swedish music today

Pop music history in Sweden dates many years back. Roxette, Ace of Base, and Europe took the limelight  in the 20th century. All over the internet you get a chance to download, watch and listen to any music of your choice.

Present Day Swedish Music

You may choose to listen to different generations of Swedish music. You may understand that good music retains its mojo even so many years after being hits and the case isn’t any different in Sweden. 

It’s fine to search for and actually listen to the current generation of musicians in Sweden such as Zara Larsson. but that in no way makes the other old generation songs less entertaining. 

Genres like indie pop, hip-hop, and electronic dance music have become so popular with Swedish music. In the clubs, restaurants, at parties, or events, one could grab a chance to enjoy themselves in the light of the moment while listening to such music. 

Author: Fredrick