A visit to Sweden’s Icehotel

Sweden definitely has some of the most amazing hospitality and tourism facilities in Scandinavia. We’re happy to bring forth Sweden’s Icehotel as a place to experience pure bliss!!

Sweden comes across as a great tourist destination in Scandinavia with lots of marvellous attractions to behold. Indeed the country’s landscapes, seafronts and the built environment are nothing but captivating if not clearly enchanting.

When you get the coveted chance of visiting Sweden or moving over to stay there on a long stay residence permit, the bucket list of places to go within the country will overflow. But when your travel is done and you need to get a refreshing ambience, inviting accommodation and a wide culinary choice, Sweden’s Icehotel will be the place to go. 

Being among the thriving economies and having endowments with a fantastic natural environment, Sweden is an ideal gem. Right from the magnificent architectural marvels such as the Oresund Bridge to a great choice of hospitality areas, the country drips with pure bliss. 

Why choose Sweden’s Icehotel?

There is something unique with how the hospitality industry in Sweden and across  Scandinavia operates. The facilities around Sweden’s Icehotel have been particularly selected and organised to create an experience worth memories. There’s never a half plan when it comes to creating a lasting memory for you at Sweden’s Icehotel. 

Although the icehotel itself doesn’t have more than just spaces for people to spend a night under solid ice structure, facilities around it offer more hopsitality services. For the hotel itself, you will see ice sculpted art, spend the night and wake up under ice.Maybe you’re wondering what the hell it would be like sleeping under freezing temperatures. Not at all, there’s enough provision to keep you warm. You get issused with thermal underwear, woolen socks and a hat all which will warm you.

With an accumulated 35 years of operations, Sweden’s Icehotel not only serves to provide accommodation and tasty foods plus drinks. Instead, every facility there serves to serve the broader concept of creating enriching memories. The colours and fittings all around serve to create an inviting space with a homely ambience. 

A sneak peek of Icehotel interior decor

Understandably, every guest visiting or getting services at Sweden’s Icehotel comes with their own expectations. Having operated for years and along the way picking the various sentiments from customers, the hotel works around every nuance to model a complete package of experience for everyone. 

It does not matter whether you choose to go to Sweden’s Icehotel as a lone traveller, with colleagues, family or friends. They will definitely find the establishment so homely. 

An Architectural marvel

If the concept that first impression or outward appeal matters a lot is anything to go by, Sweden’s Icehotel scores highly on that front alone. Yes, you may be interested mostly in the services the facility offers but the building alone is aesthetically designed to ignite the greatest fantasy of an ideal hotel. 

The hotel probably represents the best of Architect Hans Eek works. You may need to catch the experience yourself as a guest but then we can’t just help but share a few here. The decor and beds made of ice, each room has a unique touch. To spice up the interior space experience, you get each room having a unique design. The rooms have a peculiar touch of  globally acclaimed and commissioned artists. 

If you’re someone who has been to the high end hotels and gets so picky with details, it may be a great struggle fathoming what really Icehotel  compares with. Each suite at the hotel not only feels unique but is actually ephemeral. In essence, they are uniquely created. 

Who could imagine such a building built by brainy architectural decisions? Using Torne River to sculpt ice blocks and actually building a hotel out of it makes the building and architecture extraordinary. 

For extensive details about the building and construction of Sweden’s Icehotel , click here

The Best of Icehotel 

If you are looking for a trip that really brings forth a huge nature experience, look no further than Icehotel, Sweden. Stay there all year round and get to experience different seasons that the Arctic brings. 

From Kiruna Airport (KRN), Icehotel is just 25 minutes away to take you through a vast selection of available activities. If you are a less mobile guest, Icehotel also has facilities in place for you that allow a view of the Northern Lights from the river outside the hotel.

If worried about sleeping in a cold room, then you  may need to soul search before a stay at this hotel. Every night the guests  check into the warm area where luggage storage for overnight happens. The hospitable and jovial staff will then show you how to use your sleeping bags and give you suggestions on how to dress. 

Most of the guests who stay at Icehotel in a cold room, get a real comfortable night of sleep under a quiet surrounding and cool temperature area. Just remember to wear your base layers, pull your hat over your ears, and soak into your sleeping bag.

What are the Charges at the Icehotel, Sweden?

The price for a standard ice room starts at around 2,500SEK ($300) per night whereas the price for a deluxe suite could go beyond 10,000SEK ($1200) per night.

Author: Fredrick