Financial Proof for a Swedish Visa Application

If you ask around, one of the common hobbies that people have is traveling and just experiencing the world. Some may really be longing to travel to the United States, Australia, Canada, the Caribbean, Asia and Europe. The reasons people have for wanting to travel to any one destination vary but points to a general need to adventure, grow and enrich oneself. One specific country that quite a number of people would like to visit or live in is Sweden. Ordinarily, you’ll need to get a visa for a short stay visa in Sweden. So as a starting point, know the basics about Swedish Visa Application and financial encumbrances involved. 

Sweden as a country has a great reputation for its welcoming of expatriates, high ranking in happiness and a social security that protects all and sundry once there. For those planning to only come to Sweden on a visit, the travel requirement is a tourist visa which has far fewer requirements than a long term temporary permit or permanent residence in Sweden. Before one can stand a chance of being granted a visa for Sweden, the need for financial proof must be met for sure. This is among the important things that have denied a lot of people a chance of traveling abroad even to the United States. Embassies will not spare you a minute if applying for a tourist visa minus sufficient proof of financial ability-no way. 

Moving to Sweden is in so many people’s Wishlist

If you are thinking of moving abroad for your studies or work, why don’t you first set aside your traditional destination and try visiting Sweden? As an arguably leading Scandinavian country, Sweden has demonstrated harmony and balanced diversity for many years. The country welcomes millions of visitors from all over the world. Today, it constitutes a popular place to immigrate, especially for people looking for residence permits. 

A Swedish visa gives you the much needed pass to enter the country

The Swedish universities are also popular destinations for many students across the world because most of them employ ‘freedom with responsibility’ based teaching strategies. However, Sweden does not allow unrestricted entry. Foreign nationals from nations that require a visa must first apply for it to Sweden. Some people may find the application process challenging. Therefore, we have developed a guide to help you understand the requirements needed. In this article, I will focus on the financial requirements that you need if you are applying for a visa to Sweden. 

How much money do you need to get a Visa for Sweden?

Thousands of people ponder the question, “How can I move to Sweden?” each year. Many people fail to consider the amount it would cost them. Fascinatingly, some do not even have the idea that immigrating to another country comes with financial need. It is expensive. Like moving to any other country, immigrating can be very time and money consuming. Continue reading to learn how much it will cost you to move to this popular Scandinavian nation.

You will need a financial statement demonstrating your ability to support yourself during your stay and for the return trip home. Ideally, this is something the Swedish embassy will need you to present before you enter Sweden. Ordinarily, something like a bank document to show your ability to support yourself financially can be accepted. Although these requirements vary depending on the type of visa, you will need to earn at least 840 euros per month or 165 euros per month if you are given free housing and food. All these documents must be in English for easy readability.

 Bank account balance when applying for Swedish visa

You should however bear in mind that a fat bank account balance is not always a guarantee of getting a visa approved. As a visa applicant, you should be aware of the requirements and procedures for operating a bank account for visa applications. It is imperative that you present proof of funds. On some occasions, this amount of money will be referred to as a means of subsistence. If you intend to travel abroad on a tourist visa, student visa, or business visa, such requirements will still apply.

How does the Embassy verify the presented bank account for visa application?

There have been cases of visa applicants presenting fake or forged bank accounts or financial statements. If you do not have a verifiable financial statement, inform the immigration authorities at the embassy about your case, but never present a forged document.

The manner in which embassies check bank statements is a frequently asked question, and many people are interested in learning more about it. When the embassy is processing your visa application, they need to verify the statement of account you have submitted. Ideally, they will simply scan the document, attach it to an email, and then send it to your bank. The email may read something like, “Please verify the transactions on the account statement attached”.

Features of a good account statement for a Swedish visa application

A huge amount of money in your bank account can be good evidence that you will be able to cover your costs once you get to Sweden. However, the embassy might not grant your visa if you do not present specific proof of your source of income. 

In some cases, a visa application can be approved with a relatively modest bank statement. This demonstrates unequivocally that there is no set or precise amount for a visa application on a bank statement. The reason for your travel should be taken into consideration when providing a bank statement. For instance, a study visa applicant’s bank statement is anticipated to be fatter than a tourist visa.

Final Words on application of Visa for Sweden 

In summary, a bank statement is crucial when applying for a visa. It will help you demonstrate to the embassy that you have the means to travel abroad. You could get into trouble if you have an amount in your account that does not correlate well. As such, your ability to obtain a visa will depend on the source of your income. However, keep in mind that you are providing more than just a bank statement. 

You will also be needed to provide other additional acceptable documents. It is crucial that you describe your financial sources in detail and, if you have any additional sources of income. This will give you an upper hand if the embassy sees a deposit of funds into your account. It even gets juicier if the amounts are higher than the amount of money listed as your salary on your bank statement. 


Author: Fredrick