Getting a Permanent Residence in Sweden

If lucky to get the coveted Schengen Visa and a subsequent residence permit in Sweden, expect so many questions. Questions like, “Have you now gotten permanent residence or citizenship of Sweden?” or “ Can you also help me get a permanent residence in Sweden?”. Mark you, someone may be really enthusiastic or even ambitious to try out life abroad in Sweden.

It’s a genuine error for someone to expect you to have a permanent residence in Sweden soon. A short two or three years after arriving in Sweden, such questions start coming. Take no offense for many people are honestly ignorant about what it really takes. Not so many know the kind of steps one needs to make before qualifying for a permanent residence in Sweden. To help out, we highlight the basics for people looking to get a permanent residence. So, we seek to make sure that the genuine ignorant questions never be. 

Sweden is a darling but becoming a permanent resident  there remains elusive for many

Sweden is renowned for its welcoming local, green, lush and clean  environments (though occasionally very cold). The country is endowed with gorgeous nature, first-rate public services, and excellent work-life balance.  For many years, people across the world have been envious of most Swedish cities. The cities boast of rich culture, history, eateries, architecture, and museums. 

As an expat, you will enjoy a good quality life with access to affordable healthcare and education. As if this is not enough, living in Sweden provides you with a simple access to the rest of Europe. This means that you will easily be able to visit other countries such as Norway, Denmark, Iceland, and Germany among others. In Sweden, English is also taught to kids at a very young age, so communication difficulties may be less likely. 

A good number of immigrants find their way into Sweden each year

As a common destination for immigrants, it is estimated that over 100,000 immigrants settle in Sweden annually from different parts of the world: the majority of whom in 2019 came from countries such as Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, and Eritrea. Anybody can immigrate to Sweden and become a permanent resident

 If you are able to meet the prerequisite requirements, nothing can prevent you from becoming one of the proud immigrants and permanent residents in Sweden. Remember, having an opportunity to become a permanent resident in Sweden is usually a dream of many, but only a handful succeed to achieve such dreams.  In this article, I will examine the process and requirements of becoming a permanent resident in Sweden. Walk with me to the next section.

What you need to become a Permanent Resident in Sweden

Like any other nations within the EU, it is extremely possible for one to become a permanent resident in Sweden. However, this is only possible if you have met certain criteria. In fact, nobody is favoured by these requirements as they apply to anyone who is looking for a permanent residence permit. It does not rely on the type of residence permit you currently have. Thus, the most fundamental requirement that you will have to meet include; 

Must have  lived and worked in Sweden

It is a no brainer that one can’t just come into Sweden and feel qualified for a permanent residence the next day. That would be a bad guess or extremely wishful. To be granted any long term residence in Sweden, one has to have had some reasonable level of attachment with the country which basically depends on work or living. So, your dream of ever getting a permanent residence must begin by you first being in the country and working. Here, it suffices to clarify that  the work that counts towards permanent residence in Sweden can either be employed or self-employed but for a period of no less than five years.

Have held a residence permit for the last five years

 Ideally, this must have been a long-term work permit given by the relevant authorities. You should however note that the time spent on certain types of permits such as those of studying or visiting do not count towards the five years requirements for permanent residence.

Demonstrate a financial ability to support yourself and your family while in Sweden. 

Truth be told, the government of Sweden will not take care of your financial needs when you plan to immigrate abroad. Usually, all such responsibilities are left on the hands of the immigrant himself. As such, the immigration authorities are likely to ask for proof of financial stability that is enough to support you in your new country. You can demonstrate this by submitting your bank statement or any other documents that can act as a proof for financial strength. Failure to present such documents will automatically render your quest to become a permanent resident in Sweden void.

How to apply for permanent Residence in Sweden

The first step to become a permanent resident in Sweden is to complete and submit an online application form, Ansökan om ställning som varaktigt bosatt sverige’. Because this form is printed in Swedish language, you may be required to seek for translation service or any Swedish speaker to complete the form. Upon completion, the form should be sent to the Swedish Migration Agency through post. Electronic means are also accepted. Remember, you will be required to include all the necessary requirements. They include copy of your passport, and the evidence that you have been residing in Sweden for 5 years and that you are able to support your family financially.

It is however important to note that the Swedish Migration Agency may offer certain explanations on the required documents in order to have your application considered. In some cases, such documents may include your employment contract, evidence of your income for a period of five years. Nevertheless, an application amount of 1000 SEK will also be needed. Try and provide a full proof of payment on the same.

What are the benefits of permanent residence in Sweden?

Being a permanent resident in Sweden will expose you to a number of lifetime opportunities that this Scandinavian nation has to offer. If you become a permanent resident here, you will be able to live and work indefinitely. This means that you will no longer be needed to renew your permit to remain in the country. Ideally, this will help you save both time and resources. In addition it provides you and your family with a sense of certainty. Nobody will restrict you when it comes to work. This also means you can work as much as you can to fend for your family. You also get a chance to be able to  switch employers at any time. Under the Sweden unification system, your family members will also be eligible to join you at any time in Sweden.

The Final Take Away about permanent residence in Sweden

Immigration rules keep changing. So, it is advisable that those currently living in Sweden and eligible for permanent residence apply in time. You may wait only to be shocked that the applicable laws changed. In case you need any assistance, you may speak to the Swedish Migration Agency. Here, they will offer comprehensive explanations whether you and your family will secure permanent residence in Sweden. 


Author: Fredrick