Chilling out at Bars in Göteborg

Anyone who visits Sweden must have been to Göteborg because it’s a city that attracts so many due to its rich viking history and great attractions. It is only in this city that one gets to have a near real feeling of the viking age. In the Museum of Gothenburg, visitors just like locals get to see the exhibition of Äskekärrsskeppet, the only  Viking ship exhibition in Sweden. But even as one lets in the cool atmosphere, enjoys the savoury foods and  satisfies curiosity, it gets to a time when all that is needed is chilling out in bars in Göteborg. At the end, a great day of adventure can only be closed by popping glasses of wine or popping bottles of fine whiskey in   Göteborg.

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Its drinking time. Get to enjoy your liquor served at luxurious bars in Göteborg

 Göteborg gives the best city feeling anyone would long for

Sometimes it is not always about the size of something that would define how best it can be. Looking at some of the world’s second cities will greatly bring out an understanding of not having to be big to be the best. For instance, Barcelona, Medellin, Rio Janeiro, and Montreal, to mention but a few are just some of the world’s second cities that offer as much more to its visitors. Well, to this list add Sweden’s second city Gothenburg, the historic seaport and also considered one of the cheapest cities to live in while in Sweden. 

Commonly referred to as the “Little London” of Scandinavia due to the city’s charming combination of modern Nordic style and seaport history, it is simply the best. If you want to witness the 17th century Dutch-chic canals and moats, the lush botanical gardens, leafy boulevards, and the ships museums, Gothenburg is your right destination. You are yet to discover some of the most interesting things in this city that you didn’t even know existed.

Goteborg boasts of some of the most innovative bars, pubs, restaurants, breweries, and cafes which brings excessive life to this city. But most of all, the city is popular as the nightlife capital of Sweden thanks to the student population who flocks the city’s striking points. Other than visiting the cocktail lounges, the wine bars, the late-night clubs, they mostly flock to the cask ale pubs.

Gothenburg Sweden’s Lively City by Day and by Night

Yes, it is a lively city by day and by night offering you with plenty of places to enjoy your evenings. Get the most of your drinks, great food, as you try some of the new cocktails in town in Gothenburg. On most occasions, the city starts closing around midnight or 1am but sometimes even extends to 2am during a typical weekend. For nightclubs, it usually goes to around 3-4am.

The city is small yet allows you to explore numerous exciting things mostly on a walking distance. Just brace yourself to some excessively interesting “after work” parties on Fridays and have access to cheaper drinks and food. Get a taste of your Swedish beer and the local microbrews served by some of the fluent English-speaking staff at the bar. 

One common thing to note about bars in Gothenburg city is that they all don’t allow smoking in the bars. So, there is no need for you worrying about your outfit and personality getting all soaked in cigarette smoke scent as you soothingly sip your beer. However, if you are the kind of person who likes to appreciate the staff through tips, you will meet a different protocol in Gothenburg.

But even at that, here is a list of some of the existing bars worth your attention while in Gothenburg city;

  • Try the Upper House Lounge

To enjoy a formal atmosphere that gives you a serene environment for your romantic date or business meeting, get to the Upper House Lounge. From here you just enjoy one of the best views of the city as you treat yourself to a variety of offers in the bar. This bar is located on the 25th floor of the Middle Tower at the Gothia Towers Exhibition. It is both a congress and hotel complex designed in an open rooftop terrace constructed in an extraordinary design to offer a full view of the city. After a long day among the cosy streets, shopping and visiting attractions at Liseberg come and enjoy a perfect view of the sunset from this bar.

With a drink in hand, life never gets any boring in Göteborg. Cheers!
  • Enjoy Your Late Nights at Olhallen 7 An

Just opposite the market hall Stora Saluhallen in an area that has numerous restaurants, stands one historical Olhallen beer hall. The history of Olhallen goes way back in the 1900. It remains to be the one and only standing from the days when only 14 beer halls existed in Gothenburg. The outdoor seating of Olhallen is mostly packed during summer evenings but you could still enjoy outdoor serene any time you wish.

The architecture of Olhallen is old with marble top furniture tables inside. Despite a fire escapade in 1996, everything remains intact including an old-fashioned ventilator, excess of caricature drawings on the bar walls of its former customers, and a tiled floor. The bar is a nest to numerous old men where they gather to have some lively conversations. For this reason, it is always next to hard to grasp the background music playing in the pub. But, doesn’t mean that a young tack cannot have fun here, it is great for people across all ages.

  • Visit the European’s Favorite Yaki-Da 

Just off the Avenin, you arrive at the most popular European club that has numerous faces and forms all over the floors. It will give you a setting of a house party with every single one of its intimate rooms equipped with a cocktail bar on one end and a DJ or a live band music on the other. If you are the type who loves the rowdy and lively pubs and clubs, then this should be your perfect destination. 

  • Look for Something Much Smaller at Bar Bruno

Bar Bruno is a relatively small bar found at Kykogatan 13 dedicating the entire mode of its operation to cocktails. Sometimes you don’t really need an executive feel but rather something simple and fun. Pass by Bar Bruno and enjoy your classic drink or have a new taste experience at your favourite cocktail bar.

  • Start your Evenings at Barabicu

Here you will roll down to a lively and vibrant place with delicious cocktails and a menu with extremely appetising dishes. Most of these meals are often served in a way that encourages you to share in the company of friends or family. 


Author: Fredrick