Tips to pay all your monthly bills in Sweden

The longing, zeal and desire for coming to Sweden is palpable among so many out there. Given a chance, a good number would never think twice about taking a leap into Sweden and being part of its happy population as the Global Happiness Index shows. It gets very exciting to see some of the great attractions in the country, share lovely moments with the charming locals and even get to date some of them in case you’re single. But amidst this happiness and joy comes the most uncomfortable headache of paying monthly bills in Sweden. The comparably high cost of living in Sweden may come as a shocker to so many expatriates who may end up unable to fully meet their bills from lean payslips. 

Experiencing the joy of coming to Sweden

Coming to Sweden as an expat can be a fantastic decision due to numerous exciting and curious reasons. Sweden is not only committed to human rights and gender equality but also offers a remarkable quality of life. These two aspects form the cornerstone of Swedish life and critical values to hold. The capital city of Stockholm itself is a defined international face of design that can be expressed into various artistic sounds. 

The initial impression one gets on arriving in Sweden is a country full of great buildings, bubbly population, incredible attractions, seamless public transport and the list goes on and on. In short, everything about Sweden just looks pretty excellent. The country also practise a high degree of work-life balance, universal healthcare, and welfare. Benefits and allowances have been made available for all citizens without any discrimination no wonder expats are flocking into Sweden to make it their home. Once you are here, it hits you right hard that the cost of living is equally not a joke in Sweden and so you must find ways to help you pay your monthly bills promptly. 

Though employees and workers are guaranteed higher compensation in Sweden, the cost of living is very high. It is sometimes not a surprise that even with your usual high pay you could still find it very tough to manage all your bills as expected. Therefore, to avoid all sorts of embarrassing situations from your utility and rent companies, you must find some tricks to make extra income. Here are some ways to help you as an expert find a way out;

  • Taking control of your Bills as an expat in Sweden

When you pay your bills on time, it means that you are taking control of your financial life. What happens is that with this, you would be knowing when your bills are due and form a habit of paying by the deadline to reduce your financial stress. You could also save money from fines and other bill delay procedures as you continue to boost your credit score. Taking control of your bills will help you keep your account in check as you pay your bills on time.

Its time to settle your bills as a resident of Sweden. Do so religiously lest you land into troubles

Manage paying all your bills by;

  • Signing up for auto pay services
  • Consolidate bills
  • Schedule your bill payment time
  • Creation of a bill paying location
  • Learn your billing cycle
  • Organise all your paper bills
  • Pay bills in advance 
  • Get a Freelance job in addition to your regular job in Sweden

Sweden is sure a tough country in terms of affordability and the freelancing space can also get so complex. However, for a foreigner or an expat you could still end up doing it anyway for there are many people finding ways to make it work. Yes, it is a fact that Sweden is an industrial economy and life gets easier and smoother with a permanent job entitling you to pensions, taxes and other benefits. 

While freelancing is a necessary option to some people because they have failed to secure a permanent job, for some it’s a passion. Most foreigners in Sweden are freelancers especially if you are a tech worker. An expat freelancing job can be one of your great options to get some side income other than your usual pay. The freelancing broker market in Sweden is mature with good rates but currently lacks senior professionals. 

  • Try Getting a Part Time Job in Sweden

For some expats who are here to study or even do research, you may find that in between your activities you have enough time not doing anything constructive. During your free hours, you can get yourself a part time job and get grinding. If you are studying then you could opt for evening classes and work during the day. Search for a job that would bring you some good money to cover one or two of your bills for you. 

If you are employed, you could still get another job outside your usual place of work, maybe work for a few hours before heading home in the evening. Every journey is worth a thousand sacrifices so, you must keep pushing to be able to match up to the cost of living in Sweden. The part time job markets are very flexible and favourable and not so expensive.

  • Save on Spending as much as possible

It’s not only in Sweden but also everywhere that people who spend carelessly and extravagantly may soon run into financial abyss. You have to really identify your needs and separate them from wants. Wants can be ignored when finances can’t be enough but spending on needs may only be cut down by for example getting affordable housing in Sweden, not changing closets frequently or buying food on discounts et cetera. 

You are likely to experience some shocks as you try to adjust to life in your new home. One thing that you must take note of as an expat, is to have in mind that rental costs are somewhat high, so you must organise for short rentals. Take some great time as you get to know the city and not rush into signing agreements with any property you meet. And again, finding a forever home takes some time and you cannot stick in a hotel for all that time. This will help you save enough as you take your time to find what best suits you.

Learn your way through shopping in the right places and enter into the culture of walking and biking instead of using public transport. Alternatively, when you are travelling, consider using the less-travelled airports and also making use of the shoulder seasons for your travel plans. When you are also doing your shopping, focus your attention on shopping for home brands and shop in the second-hand items corner.


Author: Fredrick